4 Ways We Can Show Respect to Our Husbands

Last week I had an eye-opening conversation with the Hubster. We were discussing the business and, like always, what’s coming in and what’s going out for the week. For a moment, I want to invite you in our home.

Discussing bills, and for us it’s personal and business, is not fun. There are weeks when everything is paid for and a little left over and there are some when something unexpected may have come up and we barely had enough to cover. We all have been there.

As wives, we like security; knowing that everything is ok. And just like the need for security or love, husbands need our respect; our trust in them. When I walked away from our “intense fellowship” moment, the Holy Spirit began to show me that – “Jose feels just like I feel when you don’t trust Me. When you have a fear that I will not come through or when you doubt my Word”.

Let’s just say there was a knot in the pit of my stomach.

Now I am no expert on marriage. Read my About page! I love to talk about Jesus, parenting, inspiring women, young and old, friendships or even my love for baking but marriage…I feel like I fail more than anything else in life.

Ephesians 5:22-33 are beautiful verses that not only lay out the design for marriage, but also the powerful relationship between Christ and His church. Our marriages are a living parable everyday to our children. As husbands represent Christ and wives represent the church, we begin to show our children what God is like in a more visible way through our marriages.

And for some, that is a hard pill to swallow.

4 Ways We Can Show Respect to Our Husbands

Today, I want to give you 4 ways we can show respect to our husbands. Remember, I am not expert, but simply my hope is that we look at the value of our words and attitudes towards our husbands and how they can either lift them up or tear them apart.

Try one.

Try two.

Just try.

With His Work

For the most part our husbands go to work Monday through Friday, sometimes on the weekends or nights. It is a part of who they are. That is why most men start a conversation with “what do you do?” I think a lot of wives lose out on conversations they can make with their spouses because they want to separate him from his work – and yet, that work is the “what” he does most of the day. There are some of you that your husband’s rather not talk shop when he gets home, and we need to respect that.

  • Let him know how much you appreciate the work that he does.
  • Learn something about what he does because there will be times he needs you to understand.
  • Just like you’d like him to ask you about your day, ask him about his.
  • Support his dreams and passions.
  • Send him thoughtful or encouraging texts while he’s at work. A suggestive one once-in-awhile is always fun too if you know what I mean. *wink*
  • If he’s a coffee drinker, pour him and you a cup while sitting at the kitchen table before he leaves for work.
  • Ask him the best line in Pretty Woman – “How was your day, dear?” Make sure you have a pretty tie on too *wink*


There are many places in the Bible where men are called to be leaders of the home, they’re given jobs to do and roles to fill, but you are probably the most important piece of the puzzle. Why? Because people will be looking to see how he leads his family, how he cares for them, and whether his family respects him. What you show or do not show reflects on him even more in this environment.

  • Encourage him in his gifts and talents.
  • Talk positively about him with your friends.
  • Always check with him before making commitments that include him.
  • If you have a question about something in the sermon, ask him first before going to the Pastor. We need to hold our husbands in high regard first.
  • If your husband doesn’t ordinarily attend, then praise him when he does.
  • Thank him for taking the family to church.
  • When it comes to men’s groups in the church – don’t patronize him to sign up for one.
  • Don’t make fun of his style of worship


In most cases, you are the homemaker of the home. Whether you work or stay at home, you set the tone of it. How clean or messy it is or what colors go on what walls. For the most part we are given free reign. However, he will still want to claim some area as his– the man cave, an office, the garage. There has to be some space that he is allowed to be as unorganized as he wants and that he can call his own. It’s a guy thing.

  • Allow him to have a space that he can call his.
  • Be his wife, he already has a mother.
  • Ask if he has any requests for meals he would like to eat this week. In my case, I ask him is there anything he wants to make this week since he loves to cook, but can’t always have the time.
  • Thank him for the things that he gets accomplished around the house.
  • Watch your words when talking about a feature of the house you do not like – most likely he’s providing for it and he could take it as a complaint on him or his ability to provide for the family.
  • Make your home a sanctuary when he comes home, but don’t stress over being perfect.

In Front of the Kids

Your kids are watching and nowhere are order and respect more important than in front of them. Nowhere is that harder to do then at home. You’re in charge all day. You make decisions, maintain discipline, teach, and be all that your kids need. When your husband arrives home, it can be easy to look at him as another person needing something from you or to look at him as the knight that has come to rescue you so that you can have a moment’s peace and “veg” out.

  • Remember that Pretty Women moment? Yep, do that again!
  • If you have a concern about how he handled something, don’t question him in front of the kids.
  • Get his input on decisions, especially big ones.
  • If you ask his opinion, make sure you follow through – otherwise don’t ask.
  • If he tells the kids something (either they can or can’t do something), don’t change it!
  • Be on the same page when it comes to raising your kids.
  • Teach your kids a healthy fear and respect for their father.
  • Fathers can get the impression that they’re just a wallet– teach gratitude.
  • The tone you use and the way you speak to your husband is the way your children will speak to him also.
  • Make your husband a priority over the kids.
  • Make date night a priority in your marriage.

Your husband is not perfect and neither are we, but if we understand the words in Ephesians 5, the love we have for each other will wipe out all fear, all doubt, all disrespect. Our words will change to praise, honor, thankfulness, and love, because we see Christ in him.


What Caught My Eye This Week - August #1

Weekly Review

Blog Posts

When things don’t go exactly as planned, do you complain about it? When we experience loss or it seems that are dreams will never happen, our first reaction may be to complain. Christian Leadership Alliance has brought us some powerful insight on God’s timing and plan.

Love this blog post from Jennifer Dukes Lee as she talks about beautiful women and the colors of their skin. As two of our children seem to be fighting race in school these last few days, I’m proud to say this BROWN girl in the crayon box is #GoingThere!

Our Pastor said something at the Wednesday night service on how he was so thankful to God that his kids never ran away from the Lord. He shared with us how his kids are at a place in their adult lives that they enjoy coming home. Isn’t that what we all want as parents? Unfortunately, this post shows heartbreak for some Pastors out there. FYI – My teens won’t be listening to Katy Perry but they will be praying for her 

Video and Podcast

When we have children we are not given an instruction manual or PhD that we can earn to prepare us. Andy Andrews has given us a 4-part series of finding the answer of  - How do you know you’re doing a good job parenting? Don’t miss it!

My goal is to tackle this series this weekend from Jill Briscoe as she discusses “Winning the War over Worry”. It’s time to stop worrying and start winning!

Social Media

There were some great feeds going on at #DeclareConf. Here are some that caught my eye:

In the revealing is our healing. As I see Him more,I want to know Him more. As I know Him more, healing comes. @FrancieWinslow

No one just arrives at an epic adventure. There are a zillion steps of obedience along the way -@lifefordessert

Blogging's at its best when it's about connecting w/ people through great messages.. @DeniseJHughes

But until we push a pen across paper, we're merely gathering information. We learn to write by writing..." LOVE Denise Hughes - @Septemberanne


Summer has settled in and in the South that means HUMIDITY! Turning on the oven is something no one likes to do during August, so this month we be turning to No-Bake Pie’s. I think everyone I know loves a Snickers bar now and then. Let’s add a little decadence to our week with this gem. Instagram the final results at #Table8:10

Walmart and a Wheelbarrow

Also, O Judah, there is a harvest appointed for you, When I restore the fortunes of My people. – Hosea 6:11 I love this verse.

It’s a reminder to us that our present situation is not a determining factor of where God is taking us.

Webster’s dictionary defines Harvest as “the process of gathering”.

Some of us want to skip the process and get to the gathering.  We can’t do this.  We can’t rush what God is doing behind the scenes. We need to trust and have faith that whatever we are going through today is only temporary because there is something coming up that you had planted in a “different” season.  This is when the harvest comes.  We can’t seed Miracle-Gro. We have to seed in different seasons and sometimes those seasons require strong winds, heavy storms and tremendous heat.

Galatians 8:22 says “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” So as long as there is time, there is a harvest.

Seasons change.

It’s kind of like life; it never goes in the same direction.

It’s circular. You know, what goes around comes around.

Same thing for a harvest.  A harvest says whatever it looks like today, things are going to change.

If you were to go into a Wal-Mart and find a small bag of seed that you would see in the gardening section and in that same section you would see a wheelbarrow.  Why?  The farmer knows that in that small bag of seed is something that will be changed and transformed in a season to something that can only be gathered by using a wheelbarrow.  The farmer knows that the harvest is greater and bigger than that bag of seed.

Today I want you to know that just like that farmer, where you are at is not as good as it gets. Sometimes God moves in the little details.

He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.  Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches. – Matthew 13:31-32

Sometimes I Want To Just Be A Mary and Not A Martha

I was thinking today about all the things I can do and still struggle with the question “God, what am I supposed to be doing?”  I know there are many of you out there asking that very question, asking Him for clear direction. I think about what God has allowed me to learn:

Being a wife How to mother Speaking to small groups Speaking to large groups Writing Marketing businesses/individuals Designing websites Leading Administrating How to pray etc., etc., etc.

I have to be honest though, as I was adding in my head all the things I can do or love doing, I would rather do nothing but be like Mary and just be at His feet.  I hunger to always to be in presence.

Chatting Worshiping Praying Asking Seeking Listening

This is what He created us for. This is what we are created to do. So today I am determining to do those things that I was put here to do, that I am good at, and let Him fill in the blanks of the unknown.

Let Him fill the blanks of your –

Health Finances Career Circumstances ….your Future

For Richer or Poorer

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments from yesterday's post. Like a lot of folks today, times are lean in our household. Jose and I watch every penny … as it rushes out the door to keep some creditor at bay. It wasn't always this way for us. Just three years ago we were enjoying the bounty of being paid well from our Roofing business we started when we moved to Nashville seven years ago. Four years of our cup running over. Our income rose over six figures and we loved going on vacations to Florida to lounge around the beach, to Colorado to see family and having the four kids in private school.

We weren't wise enough to put money aside for two years of rainy days.  We thought the forecast was always going to call for sunshine. We didn’t listen to Dave Ramsey when he taught Financial Peace at our church and start an emergency fund. We simply didn't think a financial emergency of this magnitude would happen to us. We're Christians; we have that veil of protection, right?

But the trips and contentment came to a crashing halt in October 2008. That was the month we were to move into our brand new house.  You know the one with $40,000 in upgrades. When the mortgage market crashed was the day we had to requalify for our loan.  There sat our house, completed and no family to move into.  They qualified us for half of the amount of the house price.  We had to walk away from it and lose close to $60,000 when it was all said and done.

Just think that was October and we were 2 months away till Christmas.

Builders were beginning to drop like flies and mortgage companies were not giving any loans.

How were we going to make it for Christmas if there was no work?

Suddenly, we'd become “those” people. You know the ones I'm talking about- the ones who don't pay their bills on time. The ones who get reported to collection agencies. The ones whose credit scores can be mistaken for dress sizes. The ones who obviously have no integrity about themselves or they wouldn't be in such a financial mess.

We cried out to God. We pleaded forgiveness for our contentment and never saving for moments like these. We pleaded with God that we would be better stewards if we were ever given a second chance. We kept waiting for things to get better—praying and waiting, waiting and praying. I told Jose no Christmas presents for me.

As a new year started, Jose and I yelled, cried, and gone to bed silently sulking. We aren't truly mad at each other. We each want the other one to whip out a miracle wand and make it all go away. He hates feeling helpless. I hate feeling insecure.

Through those years, I learned something as a wife.  If I can love my husband in the good times, I can love him even now.  Yes, I was happy before because we had money.  But, had I really placed my security in something as shallow as money.  It’s the hard truth ladies.

The formula can look like this sometimes: Good times + Money = Loving Wife

But what about this equation: Hard Times + No Money = Nagging Wife

As I am writing this it has truly brought a smile to my face.  To look back and see how far we have come.  That marriage is truly for Better or Worse, Richer or Poorer. I smile because I can look at this financial attack we’re under and know that it has no idea who they are messing with.  LOOK OUT because in the stress and worry we can hold onto His Word. And it’s in His Word we are set free.

Stress and Donald Trump

The theme song on the Donald Trump show The Apprentice is “The Love of Money”; when we hear the first words of that song, what do we hear first…”money, money, money, money”.  Back in 1973 the O’Jays sang this song and 38 years later it seems as though life is still based around money.  And for women in this day and time in 2011, it’s not a fun subject to talk about.  It stresses us out, brings tears to our eyes and, dare I say, can make us gain weight! For the next week, I want to talk to you about stress and money.  Why does it seem to stress us out more than our husbands?  Why do we tend to look for the answer to the problem first instead of looking to the Problem Solver?

I was talking to a few friends this week and we were talking about how we are just tired.  Tired of the worry, tired of the unknown, tired of fighting this battle with finances. For me, I see the “sin” of trying to “keep up with the Joneses” is an effect of where we are today.   I am at the point of where my flesh has been broken and stripped to nothing and all that is there is my spirit.  But now my spirit is arguing with God. Why? Because I’m done. How many of you can say the same thing?

I’m done fighting this battle. I’m done wondering when this will ever end. God and I have been havin’ some conversations (southern draw added). Then He gently calms me down and reminds me in Proverbs 19:2:

“It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way.” (NIV)

“A person without knowledge is no good. A person in a hurry makes mistakes.” (GW)

I don’t want to rush, I want to be stretched.  I want to go as far as God wants to take me. Why? One word…Trust. Because I know that in a little while I will enjoy great peace (Psalm 37:10-11).

See when we stress and worry, it’s like telling God we don’t trust Him.  And yes, I know that at times it’s easier said than done.  But know that He’s there.  That He sees every tear and knows every struggle we are facing. But joy is coming.

Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:5-6

I love what Smith Wigglesworth says “There is no dry place in God, but all good things come out of hard times. The harder the place you are in, the more blessing can come out of it as you yield to His plan.”

My prayer is that through this time together as we discuss finances that you would begin to experience joy again.  That breakthrough would come as God inspires to write these words.  That these words would bring healing and comfort to you.  That we will share testimony after testimony of God’s incredible faithfulness as we hold onto His Word.

Talk to you soon.


{Job Update – I was looking outside the glass door where I work Monday.  It’s just me and another gal there.  And as I went downstairs and paused and looked out the window, I began to cry.  I was crying because I missed God.  I miss spending time with Him.  When I was home, I could be in His Word for hours.  Folding laundry and just having a conversation with Him.  I realized how much I missed it.  It was like that door was locked shut and I could see outside into that blue sky yet I was not able to go anywhere with Him.  It’s as though I want an “old friend” back.  Don’t get me wrong I know He’s there, but I sure do miss Him}

Can I Get Honest?

Can I just get honest with you, my readers?  I miss you! As some of you know I took the summer off from blogging because of a busy schedule that just wasn’t going to allow me to write consistently as I love doing.  What I didn’t know was that the summer was going to also have me going back to work full-time. After 13 years of being a stay-at-home mom and a construction business we have kept afloat (with a lot of prayers and tears) sometimes we need to just play catch up during this financial recession. I know there are a lot of you out there that can relate to this.

One thing I can say is that our Faith never wavered, it may have quivered, but never swayed from the Truth. God has always provided. He has always met our needs on His time.  Patience is one thing Jose and I have learned through all of this knowing that His mercies are new each day.

I am grateful for ALL of it.  It has taught me so much and for the next few days I want to talk with you about finances, but not just money specifically, but areas like:

  • The role of the wife and money.
  • Why do we seem to stress out more than our husbands when it comes to finances?
  • A season of preparation
  • What we can teach our kids about money.

This and so much more I want to discuss with you.  What I am asking is that you let all your friends know that we are talking about Finances over here starting September 1st.

I will be writing a guest post over at The Better Mom tomorrow and Wednesday is Wednesday Wisdom, so please be praying for me and God’s words and ideas be used, given and written during these next few days.  That women all over would find these posts encouraging and insightful and that God would get the glory for it all.

Plus, I’ll be adding daily {updates} about my job.

Talk to you soon.

The Ultimate Royal Wedding

I talked to you yesterday about this amazing women I get the privilege to serve. Well, I asked her to write a blog post for me (it's her first!). Her name is Vanessa McGee. She is a girl in love with Jesus, a wonderful friend and an incredible speaker. You will find her giving an encouraging word or making you laugh on Facebook. Thirty years ago it was described as the wedding of the century.  The marriage between a young girl, Diana, and her Prince Charles.  I was 14 that year.  I remember being with my teenage friends from church as we talked about the wedding in detail. It’s possible you were in elementary school, preschool or maybe not even born yet.

It was the wedding that got the attention of the world. Two million people lined the streets for the wedding route hoping to get a view of Diana in her dress.  There were 3500 guests waiting to witness the wedding first hand at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Another 750 million were glued to their television sets hanging on to every comment being made; while another 350 million listened by radio imagining how beautiful she must be.


Now, 30 years later, we are witnessing another royal wedding.  Ms. Kate Middleton will have her dream come true as she marries her prince, William. So what’s all the fuss about?  Why all the attention?  It's because the dream of the common girl finding her prince is being lived out before our eyes.  It’s the dream that every little girl has, the dream about becoming a Princess.

We long to be the beautiful princess, wearing the gorgeous clothes and shoes, with dazzling jewels adorning our neck.  We imagine the day that our knight in shining armor will ride up on his white horse and whisk us up and away, where we will live happily ever after. However, the truth is, it’s not a dream.  There is something very real within us that longs to be captivated by that special someone. The difference is, our special someone isn’t a prince, He is a King! And the royal wedding that we long to be a part of is the ultimate royal wedding. The day when Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, will come back for his bride where we will live and reign with Him happily ever after!

So as you watch and enjoy Prince William and Kate’s wedding today, remember to cherish the longing in your heart for the day that you will see Jesus face to face.

Three Great Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I wanted to give you Three Great Date Night Ideas. It’s not your typical dinner and a movie date. Check them out:

1. Go to a Cooking Class. One-day classes abound throughout the city you live in. Just call a local college or cooking school to find out more information.

2. Re-enact your First Date. Even if you’re not living in the same city anymore, try your best to re-enact every moment.

3. A day at the spa together. What more could you want then feeling pampered and relaxed. All while spending the day with your spouse.

Jose and I will be married 13 years this April and continue to grow in love with each other every day. Valentine’s Day is still one of the most romantic days for us and our marriage.

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day?

My Ironing Day Inspiration

Last Tuesday I wrote this post about having an Ironing Day.  I started this Sunday and can I just say…LOVE IT! It’s been the best decision I have made in my homemaking skills.  There has been such a peace in the mornings these last few days.  My kids love that there are clothes ready-to-go in their closets and they get to choose which ones they are going to wear that day. I can’t tell you how I am so happy I started doing this.

Yes, it takes a few hours on Sunday to iron everything but for a week of bliss its well worth the time.

This is what I want my blog to be.  Not just posts that encourage you in the Word but that also, maybe, make life a little easier.

Sometimes those how-to or 7-point lists can get overwhelming.

I just want simple.

I just want the information that will get me from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

I hope my “Ironing Day” posts have inspired you to start one in your home. Trust me, it has made life so much simpler for this family of 6.

The Laundry Struggle

I am finding myself at a place where many of you may be at. I am one that when I make a commitment to something I give it a 110% and wouldn’t expect anything less, whether that is in volunteering, ministry, church, etc. I give my all.

God is or has been dealing with me about the 110% I give to my family. As a wife, do I really give attention to him?  Do I listen to every word that he says?  Do I encourage him where only a wife can encourage?

As a mom, my kids are my life.  They know this. My love for them is a 110% and I do my best to show them (Ok, I’m not perfect…but you know what I mean).

I am entering a different phase in my homemaking/mothering that I see where I am not giving 110% and that is in LAUNDRY.  I know this may sound crazy…but really I am.

You know how disappointed you feel when your kids can’t find socks in their drawers or have to come to your room to change for school because you are ironing their clothes for the morning.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really convicted with this.

A question rolls in my head, “If this were a “real” job, would you show your work only half-completed?” No. So why would you at home, and especially if you are a stay-at-home mom.

I had posted a question on Facebook asking if you have an ironing day or do you iron as needed.  It was interesting to see the results of people.  At least 90% said they iron as they go and the other 10% said they have an ironing day. I wondered if I followed up with a question for those, like myself that iron as they go, if they find mornings stressful.  I’m curious what the answer would be.

I asked this question because as I see my children getting older and one already in middle school they don’t want to be looking in the laundry room for what to wear if mom didn’t fold and put the clothes away yet. They don’t want to stress in the morning and bring what they want to wear to be ironed.  I find myself giving them these choices and are these the choices I want to give them? No.

So I am going to challenge myself with this:  IRONING DAY

I have chosen Sunday as my ironing day. (We go to church on Saturday night and have that as our Sabbath day for all you super-spiritual folks. XOXO)

My thought is that once this becomes a habit, the 110% that I feel I am lacking will be eliminated as I begin to tend to this need in my family.

*Please know my 4 kids do have chores; one of them being that they help with folding and putting their laundry away.  It’s the iron and hang instead of folding that I’m talking about.

How about you, do you struggle with laundry?

Do you feel at times you struggle in an area that you don’t give a 110%?

Do You Even Like Each Other?

Sometimes as bloggers we get stuck on what to write about. We want something that will bring value to the page.

Today I was praying and asking God what to write about for my "Wife" section. Nothing. Then I stumbled about a heart-felt message from my new bloggy friend Lisa Whittle.  I want to share this with you today.  Maybe you feel a disconnect between you and your husband or like Lisa said, "you don't even like each other". I encourage you today listen to this vlog.

May it bless you.

My Husband Fills in the Blanks

One of the things I love is being married to Jose Sarabia.  This Christmas it was just a little “off” for me.  I don’t know why.  I don’t have any real answers but I know my husband picked up the slack.  We moved to Tennessee almost 7 years now from Colorado and have had plenty of holidays with just us and the kids.  This year was just different.  I would ask friends of mine too how their Christmas was going.  They would say things like, “OK” or “Great!”  Then they would ask me and I would just be honest and say, “I don’t know, its just a little off.”  Then they would begin to open up and say they were filling the same thing too. I don’t know why some of us were feeling this way.  I’m asking God this very question but I’m glad I have a husband that can fill in the blanks for me with the kids when I just feel a little Blah!

Holiday Gift Guide: MacBook Pro

The Twitter-world was going crazy this past weekend with Christmas parties galore!  I saw @maurilio, from The A Group, give IPads to all their employees.  Dave Ramsey did the same too!  How awesome is that?!? Although I would love an IPad, I'm just not sure what I would use it for.  I've seen it, borrowed it, played on it but I already have an IPhone.

So this is on my Christmas Wish List:

Although we are finally coming out of this ugly recession...a girl can wish right!  I would love to have a MacBook Pro for all my writing I plan to do in 2011.  But for now this girl is happy (and content) with her PC desktop and 5 year old laptop (that I'm about to throw against a brick wall every time I get on it!). It's alright. I'm ok.  There's always next year! :-)

Holiday Gift Guide: Nook

I want one! (Hint, Hint, Honey!) What I love about the Nook is that I can take all my books off my nightstand and replace them with this.

That is one reason.  The other...

I can sample books for free.  So just like if I were going to Barnes and Noble myself, I can browse books before even buying one.

*Please note this will never take place of going to B & N, grabbing a cup of Starbucks and browsing books on a cold winter night!

Here's a link:

Barnes and Noble NOOK

Keeping Track of Points

As I discussed this past week, our SS class have been watching the tapes from Mark Gungor.  This past Saturday night was about the way men and women count differently in their marriage. Husbands count in a way that just getting out of bed is 500 points.  Getting dressed and ready for work is another 500 points. And they really rack up the points when they bring the paycheck home! Women on the other hand tend to count like this; he picks up his pile of clothes from the floor…1 point.  He washes dishes…1 point.  He puts the kids to bed…1 point.  In each of these points, Mark refers to them as DING!  Interesting how the men tend to count their points in a larger scale then women do.

Here is my question, what if the roles were reversed?  What if the husband is the one collecting all the points and the wife isn’t?  I feel that way some times.  Actually a lot of times!

I am a very lucky woman!  My husband is the first to get the kids dressed or have lunches made sometimes.  If he sees the laundry piling up, he puts a load in the washer.  He loves to cook and always helps me get the kids to bed.  We have always said we were a team and we really do mean it.

I stopped keeping track of points a long time ago.

Does your house DING a lot or do you see yourself more as a team?

The Nothing Box

The last few Saturday School classes (we go to church on Saturday nights and love it!) we have been talking on marriage.  Our SS teacher and his wife were discussing all the boxes that men have and all the one's that women have.  Although they are the same there are two distinct differences.  In a woman they all connect or touch one another.  For a man they don't touch.  But men also have what Mark Gungor calls a "Nothing Box".  Here is a funny clip of what it is:

I Wish There Was a Copy and Paste for Aunt Ruthie

I want to be Aunt Ruthie!!  Every time I read her blog, Sugar Pie Farmhouse, I feel…the only way I can describe it…warm and fuzzy!  She makes you wish there was a copy and paste button for everything she does as a homemaker.  She loves her husband, her kids and her Jesus so much with everything she writes.  The pictures she takes of her decorated home are phenomenal!  And with Christmas coming up, she’s bound to have a post (or more) pretty soon of what she’s done with her home for Christmas, what travel adventure she has gone on with her family or what kind of apron she has on (and most of the time, where you can buy it!) when she’s cooking those holiday recipes.

So join me in reading her blog and even putting her to your Favorites list.  You will not be disappointed!