The Laundry Struggle

I am finding myself at a place where many of you may be at. I am one that when I make a commitment to something I give it a 110% and wouldn’t expect anything less, whether that is in volunteering, ministry, church, etc. I give my all.

God is or has been dealing with me about the 110% I give to my family. As a wife, do I really give attention to him?  Do I listen to every word that he says?  Do I encourage him where only a wife can encourage?

As a mom, my kids are my life.  They know this. My love for them is a 110% and I do my best to show them (Ok, I’m not perfect…but you know what I mean).

I am entering a different phase in my homemaking/mothering that I see where I am not giving 110% and that is in LAUNDRY.  I know this may sound crazy…but really I am.

You know how disappointed you feel when your kids can’t find socks in their drawers or have to come to your room to change for school because you are ironing their clothes for the morning.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really convicted with this.

A question rolls in my head, “If this were a “real” job, would you show your work only half-completed?” No. So why would you at home, and especially if you are a stay-at-home mom.

I had posted a question on Facebook asking if you have an ironing day or do you iron as needed.  It was interesting to see the results of people.  At least 90% said they iron as they go and the other 10% said they have an ironing day. I wondered if I followed up with a question for those, like myself that iron as they go, if they find mornings stressful.  I’m curious what the answer would be.

I asked this question because as I see my children getting older and one already in middle school they don’t want to be looking in the laundry room for what to wear if mom didn’t fold and put the clothes away yet. They don’t want to stress in the morning and bring what they want to wear to be ironed.  I find myself giving them these choices and are these the choices I want to give them? No.

So I am going to challenge myself with this:  IRONING DAY

I have chosen Sunday as my ironing day. (We go to church on Saturday night and have that as our Sabbath day for all you super-spiritual folks. XOXO)

My thought is that once this becomes a habit, the 110% that I feel I am lacking will be eliminated as I begin to tend to this need in my family.

*Please know my 4 kids do have chores; one of them being that they help with folding and putting their laundry away.  It’s the iron and hang instead of folding that I’m talking about.

How about you, do you struggle with laundry?

Do you feel at times you struggle in an area that you don’t give a 110%?