I Want My Schedule Back

todo If you have been following me on Facebook or on Twitter you know that we have been fighting the flu bug in our home.  It started on Martin Luther King Day and went through the whole week - 3 of them out of school.

We have also been dealing with a lot of unusual amounts of snow this winter. Which has resulted in several snow days out of school - do you see the tears and screams coming from your speakers?

This has really tested my patience!

Don’t take me wrong, my kids are great.  They are pretty much at an age that they are self-sufficient.

All I really want is my schedule back.

One of my New Year resolutions was to begin exercising and eating right. I can honestly say I have been eating right, but have not worked out at all this year.

So as I am sitting here with my babygirl Hannah (9), who now has an ear infection in result of the flu, I am reminded that this is where God has me at right now.

Taking care of her.

Renewing her strength.

Loving on her as Jesus loves me.

The schedule can wait.