@stickyJesus Read-Along Chapter 7

The power of our voice. Our voice can lift people up or tear them down. With our voice we can tell stories, ask for prayer and create thought.

The title of chapter 7 of @stickyJesus is Christ Followers: The Game Changers. We can be those “game changers”.

With every blog post, tweet or facebook update we have an opportunity to use our voice.

Our voice can create friends, followers and RSS readers.

The question is - Are we creating game changers?

Are we creating blog posts that create comments?  Are our tweets being re-tweeted because our message is illuminating truth that others feel the need to share?  Is our friend requests box full from those that want the message of hope and grace that we give in our updates?

So I ask again, are you creating game changers?  Is your voice leading future game changers?

What does your voice say?

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