It’s not Midlife Crisis, but Second Half Significance!

At this point in my life, the world feels like it’s unfolding all over again. In this space that’s opening up, new ideas and possibilities are beginning to swirl in my head.

But along with all the possibilities, questions appear: “What am I to do with my life? Do I have an unfulfilled or unrealized purpose? What do I want my Second Half to look like?”

Many of us have done exactly what the world told us to do: we graduated high school, went off to college, got married and had kids. We now drive nice cars, we have nice homes, we go to church, we build relationships - but as soon as the kids leave, or we don’t identify primarily as a mom anymore, midlife hits. Once midlife hits, we have to rediscover who we are and what our purpose is - and this time, the path isn’t so clear. Those possibilities are wonderful, but the questions can be overwhelming.

 Once we begin to peel back the layers, to remove all the things that we were told we were supposed to do and supposed to be, we eventually get to the core of who God designed us to be. Once we find that core, our Second Half of life can begin to be amazing, even better than the first; we can have more joy, more peace, and more balance, because we can learn to do exactly what God designed us and put us on this Earth to do. My hope is that this blog can be a place where you can learn to peel back those layers and find purpose and significance for your Second Half of life.

Join me on this journey of discovery!


We need more vision for what success looks like in the second half of life. - Marc Freedman