What Caught My Eye This Week - August #1

Weekly Review

Blog Posts

When things don’t go exactly as planned, do you complain about it? When we experience loss or it seems that are dreams will never happen, our first reaction may be to complain. Christian Leadership Alliance has brought us some powerful insight on God’s timing and plan.

Love this blog post from Jennifer Dukes Lee as she talks about beautiful women and the colors of their skin. As two of our children seem to be fighting race in school these last few days, I’m proud to say this BROWN girl in the crayon box is #GoingThere!

Our Pastor said something at the Wednesday night service on how he was so thankful to God that his kids never ran away from the Lord. He shared with us how his kids are at a place in their adult lives that they enjoy coming home. Isn’t that what we all want as parents? Unfortunately, this post shows heartbreak for some Pastors out there. FYI – My teens won’t be listening to Katy Perry but they will be praying for her 

Video and Podcast

When we have children we are not given an instruction manual or PhD that we can earn to prepare us. Andy Andrews has given us a 4-part series of finding the answer of  - How do you know you’re doing a good job parenting? Don’t miss it!

My goal is to tackle this series this weekend from Jill Briscoe as she discusses “Winning the War over Worry”. It’s time to stop worrying and start winning!

Social Media

There were some great feeds going on at #DeclareConf. Here are some that caught my eye:

In the revealing is our healing. As I see Him more,I want to know Him more. As I know Him more, healing comes. @FrancieWinslow

No one just arrives at an epic adventure. There are a zillion steps of obedience along the way -@lifefordessert

Blogging's at its best when it's about connecting w/ people through great messages.. @DeniseJHughes

But until we push a pen across paper, we're merely gathering information. We learn to write by writing..." LOVE Denise Hughes - @Septemberanne


Summer has settled in and in the South that means HUMIDITY! Turning on the oven is something no one likes to do during August, so this month we be turning to No-Bake Pie’s. I think everyone I know loves a Snickers bar now and then. Let’s add a little decadence to our week with this gem. Instagram the final results at #Table8:10