Keeping Track of Points

As I discussed this past week, our SS class have been watching the tapes from Mark Gungor.  This past Saturday night was about the way men and women count differently in their marriage. Husbands count in a way that just getting out of bed is 500 points.  Getting dressed and ready for work is another 500 points. And they really rack up the points when they bring the paycheck home! Women on the other hand tend to count like this; he picks up his pile of clothes from the floor…1 point.  He washes dishes…1 point.  He puts the kids to bed…1 point.  In each of these points, Mark refers to them as DING!  Interesting how the men tend to count their points in a larger scale then women do.

Here is my question, what if the roles were reversed?  What if the husband is the one collecting all the points and the wife isn’t?  I feel that way some times.  Actually a lot of times!

I am a very lucky woman!  My husband is the first to get the kids dressed or have lunches made sometimes.  If he sees the laundry piling up, he puts a load in the washer.  He loves to cook and always helps me get the kids to bed.  We have always said we were a team and we really do mean it.

I stopped keeping track of points a long time ago.

Does your house DING a lot or do you see yourself more as a team?