Is Age Catching Up?

I want to lose weight!! I have been discussing with all of you about a group of girlfriends and I getting together two to three times a week at 6am for a workout. 6am!!  These last few months I have been committed, watching what I eat and drink.  Not having any sweet tea (My weakness since moving to the South).  Well...we weighed last week and guess what I lost...(drum roll please!)....2 LBS!!! What??


I'm doing what I can. Like I said before I'm working out, eating right, cutting out sugar and bread and for what? Two Pounds!!

Now, I will be sanctified and say I have lost an inch on my thighs and inch in stomach and arms.  I feel good and have great energy but two pounds!! Seriously! I can't justify spending $90 to $140 month for 2lbs.  Don't get me wrong the trainer is phenomenal. I think it's just my age catching up with me.

Here is what I am going to do:

1. Enjoy the rest of my workouts with the girls and stop on January 1.

2. Get a membership at the YMCA

3. Try this over again.

This is not really about me wanting to "look good". This is about me having a whole lot of clothes in my closet that do not fit!  I refuse to buy a bigger size.  I can do this.

If you are struggling with trying to lose 10-30 pounds, I would love to have an accountability group started.

Would you want to join in?