The Ultimate Royal Wedding

I talked to you yesterday about this amazing women I get the privilege to serve. Well, I asked her to write a blog post for me (it's her first!). Her name is Vanessa McGee. She is a girl in love with Jesus, a wonderful friend and an incredible speaker. You will find her giving an encouraging word or making you laugh on Facebook. Thirty years ago it was described as the wedding of the century.  The marriage between a young girl, Diana, and her Prince Charles.  I was 14 that year.  I remember being with my teenage friends from church as we talked about the wedding in detail. It’s possible you were in elementary school, preschool or maybe not even born yet.

It was the wedding that got the attention of the world. Two million people lined the streets for the wedding route hoping to get a view of Diana in her dress.  There were 3500 guests waiting to witness the wedding first hand at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Another 750 million were glued to their television sets hanging on to every comment being made; while another 350 million listened by radio imagining how beautiful she must be.


Now, 30 years later, we are witnessing another royal wedding.  Ms. Kate Middleton will have her dream come true as she marries her prince, William. So what’s all the fuss about?  Why all the attention?  It's because the dream of the common girl finding her prince is being lived out before our eyes.  It’s the dream that every little girl has, the dream about becoming a Princess.

We long to be the beautiful princess, wearing the gorgeous clothes and shoes, with dazzling jewels adorning our neck.  We imagine the day that our knight in shining armor will ride up on his white horse and whisk us up and away, where we will live happily ever after. However, the truth is, it’s not a dream.  There is something very real within us that longs to be captivated by that special someone. The difference is, our special someone isn’t a prince, He is a King! And the royal wedding that we long to be a part of is the ultimate royal wedding. The day when Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, will come back for his bride where we will live and reign with Him happily ever after!

So as you watch and enjoy Prince William and Kate’s wedding today, remember to cherish the longing in your heart for the day that you will see Jesus face to face.