I Have Missed You Too

So I guess with all the Facebook, Twitter and private messages asking where I have been, it’s time that I give you an answer. It’s nothing dramatic or life changing; just that life has gotten a little busier.

My life is my kids. My husband and I make such a great team parenting these 4 amazing kids that God has entrusted to us. Right now we are in the midst of softball season for our girls and taking the boys to tennis lessons. Also, getting ready for the school year to end (and my freedom too!!).

Not only do my kids keep me busy but God’s been doing some amazing things too. As most of you know I’m the MOPS Coach (Council Coordinator) for the Middle Tennessee area. We are growing groups like crazy out here. In the next few weeks, the MOPS year will be winding down and some last minute speaking engagements have come up that I’ve had to prepare for. Also, Convention will be here in Nashville this year and God has been opening doors with some opportunities that have come my way. Hope to share with you soon.

But God hasn’t stopped there. I also get to work with an amazing woman assisting her in the Women’s Ministry at our church. Our church has over 4,000 members and am thanking God for this incredible privilege to serve our church and this amazing, incredible, courageous woman (Can you tell I’m excited to serve her :-)).

There you go. In a nutshell this is where I’ve been. You might be asking where does blogging fit into all this Michelle? It just will. See, for me, blogging is writing and writing is blogging. Where else can I go and share what God is showing me through these extraordinary moments? Where else can I truly write those Beyond Brave moments? Or talk about a Wednesday Wisdom where God walked me through some ordinary moments that did take extraordinary faith? Right here…with you.

I ask for your forgiveness and grace. I have missed you too!

See you tomorrow and let’s talk about this Royal Wedding!!