Mary Gave Her Best

Today is Good Friday. What an incredible time this is to know that Jesus was put on the cross and that every drop of blood was for you and for me. He died for us and three days later resurrected from that empty tomb. As you noticed I haven’t been writing much, if at all, this week. Because doing that Thank You letter hit me and it showed me where my priorities are. That it wasn’t about what Google Analytics said, how many followers I had that week or how many people retweeted my posts. That this journey that I am on is about my children and on this Good Friday of 2011 I can’t help but think about Mary.

In the movie, Passion of the Christ, Jesus has just been beaten and whipped and is now walking down the Via Dolorosa. As His mother asks James, in the movie, to “help me get near him”. What I want to show you next is graphic, yet such a poignant moment as we journey through motherhood:

What brings me to tears is when the adult Jesus stumbles and the child Jesus does the same and she runs after each and says “I’m here”. As I journey through motherhood I realize that my purpose in this season, in this moment, is to be the mother God has called me to be to my children. He designed me in such a way that was only for them.  He saw fit for me to mother these children. What an amazing opportunity we have. That we can pour into our children what God put into us to give to them. Wisdom, knowledge, guidance, direction, all of it and when they stumble and fall, that we are there for them to pick them back up and point them in the direction they should go.

I don’t know where this blogging journey will lead, but I know what my priorities are. That I give a 110% as a mother. That I have been given the privilege to mother 4 amazing kids and to lead them to an amazing God that no one like a mother can do.

Happy Easter!