My Thank You Letter

On Monday, I challenged you to write a Thank You Letter to God for your future AS IF you are already there. Here is mine:

God thank you for giving me Jose. You gave me a wonderful husband and my best friend. Who has made me smile and laugh. Who held me when I cried and encouraged me when I’d fall. When you gave me him, you gave me your best.

Thank you for allowing me to be my children’s mother. Thank you for entrusting me with them. I hope I did a good job for you!

I thank you that David is doing all that you called him to be and that he’s name stayed strong through the test of time. That his love for you continues as the one he was named after.

Thank you Lord for Michael. Thank you for healing his mind. That no weapon formed against prospered. Though he was small at birth, that he has done such big things for your name.

Oh Lord…do I thank you for Gabby. Or should I say giving me the wisdom to mother Gabby! J May she continue to love you and sing praises to you as she walks in all that you called her to be.

I thank you Lord for Hannah. She has been such a gift. To see her walk in the dream that you gave me as I was pregnant with her, I only can look up to you with tears in my eyes and say…thank you! You have ordered her steps to do amazing things for your kingdom and I thank you that you let me be a part of that.

Thank you that our debts are paid and the business is doing well.

Thank you God for the privilege of ministering to women. Those that are wives and mothers, young and old. That I hope I did all that you asked me to. That the books that I wrote were a blessing to those that read them. That the words that I spoke were not from me but from you. That lives were changed and hearts renewed.

Thank you God for all that you allowed me to be a part of.

As I write this letter, I began to see my priorities. Let me make one thing straight, God will always be first in my life. This letter showed me that my husband is my first priority. That I can say these things now and to make sure I say them in the future. Second, are my kid’s. Not just one or two, but four opportunities to get it right!  I might not be perfect, but with God’s help, I’m surely going to keep trying. Tears are streaming down as I continue to be reminded of my job, my position in this world. That these four kiddos can and will do amazing things for God and if I miss those moments because of busyness then I didn’t get to enjoy the journey of motherhood. I didn’t get to enjoy all that God needed me to be for them.

Seeing all this makes me understand where ministry is at for me…an added bonus.  That if I can look at the five people in my life and see that their needs are met, then everything else I do in this life is just an added bonus.

Add your own Thank You Letter as a comment or link up from your blog. Can't wait!