Holiday Gift Guide: MacBook Pro

The Twitter-world was going crazy this past weekend with Christmas parties galore!  I saw @maurilio, from The A Group, give IPads to all their employees.  Dave Ramsey did the same too!  How awesome is that?!? Although I would love an IPad, I'm just not sure what I would use it for.  I've seen it, borrowed it, played on it but I already have an IPhone.

So this is on my Christmas Wish List:

Although we are finally coming out of this ugly recession...a girl can wish right!  I would love to have a MacBook Pro for all my writing I plan to do in 2011.  But for now this girl is happy (and content) with her PC desktop and 5 year old laptop (that I'm about to throw against a brick wall every time I get on it!). It's alright. I'm ok.  There's always next year! :-)