Christmas Wishes

Every year my grandmother used to have me and my sister make a “Christmas Wish List”.  In 1987, I don’t remember the whole list, but it looked something like this:

  • a pair of reeboks (they were cool then)
  • a walkman (for the cassettes)
  • a Duran Duran poster (the coolest band EVER!)
  • an acid-wash jacket (all the rage)

My sister and I laugh now at what we thought were cool back then.  Although fads come and go, our Christmas list is always changing.

It’s ok during Christmas to have a “wish list”. On mine this year is a Nook and a MacBook.  But, I see my “thankfulness list” taking over all my wishes!

My thankful list doesn’t include laptops or reeboks.  It doesn’t include the latest gadget or wardrobe. It’s a list that thanks God for my family’s health, work that puts food on the table and keeps the lights on, good friends and a God that I love and loves me unconditionally.

These are my true gifts this Christmas!

What are you thankful for this Christmas?