When You Raise Your Hand and Say Yes

At one time or another we have all heard the phrase- "We are living in a lost and dying world."

We then rise to the conclusion that our answer to solve this problem is to “go out into all the world and preach the gospel”. So we strap our boots on and get our passports ready to touch foreign soil to show Christ, through us, all over the world.



Don’t get me wrong, I love the ministry of missions and have been to several different countries serving the poor and orphans since I was 10 years old.

What I would love to begin is a conversation about a world we may have forgotten about, the one that says -

"We are living in a hurting world."

Dare I say, a world right in front us.

Matthew 9:37 says - Then He said to His disciples, the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

We tend to relate this verse to the mission field. Where there is work to be done, but not enough of us raising our hands, saying - me, I will go and be that worker.

But, really, in all of Chapter 9, Jesus was in his own town, in his own city, working to show a people compassion.

Look at all that He did on his home soil just in Matthew 9:

  • Healed a paralyzed man
  • Added Matthew as one of His disciples
  • Made a call for sinners
  • Healed a bleeding woman
  • Healed a leader's dying daughter
  • Heals two blind men
  • Cast out a demon from a man
  • Healed every kind of disease and illness
  • He preached the Good News

All in His own backyard.

Friends, we must not ignore the ones in front of us. We must make room for them in our homes and at our tables. We must be aware of those hurting or struggling at the ball fields and the football games. We must be the hands and feet of love and compassion in the grocery stores and the restaurants.

We must be aware of the ones around us.

answer the call
These last few days, I talked to so many women that are on the verge of divorce, mom’s that are trying to raise teenagers to love Christ, and are failing to love themselves. I’ve talked to women that have children living away from them because of mistakes they made in the past. I’ve heard the words gay, porn, and abuse of women that are hurting and don’t know what to do.


Because friends, there is a world, a world right in front of us that needs to know the love of Jesus. That needs to know that Christ is there in the midst of their circumstance. That Jesus has compassion for their hearts. That God has never left them. That even though they walk through this shadow of death, that they will not fear, because He is with them.

We are the ones to show His love. We are the ones to show them compassion, mercy, grace, and comfort in the midst of their trials. We are the ones to point them to a faith in Christ that will see them through. Pray with them in the parking lots. Introduce them to a Savior that makes them white as snow.

How do we do this?

We say Yes!

For many are called, but few are chosen - Matthew 22:14

We hear this verse and, we think, Lord, I don’t want to be called, I want to be chosen. Choose me, Lord. Or we go back and forth and analyze - Lord, is it better to be called or chosen? Because God, I want a calling on my life, but I also want you to choose me, but I want to be called too. And around and around we go.

But, really, when you read that story in full context (stay with me here) a king sends a wedding invitation out and everyone was invited, but the invitation went out in three waves. The respectable people were invited first, but they said no we are too busy or ignored the invitation. Then a second goes out again to the same people and they do the same thing. The king then tells his slaves to send out the invitation a third time to the people who were not originally on the invitation list, and these people actually did show up. In the end, everyone had been invited, but only a few were chosen.

The issue is not the call.

The reason why many are called and few are chosen is because there are only a handful that raise their hand. {Tweet This}

God comes and says, you are to disciple women. He says to another you’re called to lead a revival. And to another, you’re called to give yourself fully for the glory of God to the whole earth. This is the call on your life.

What separates you is not the call, it is whether or not you raise your hand.

What if Jesus came into your church, into your bible study, or into your home and asked – who will be the ones that disciple this city, this town? And all of us have excuses - I don’t know, I don’t have time, that doesn’t fit me, I don’t want to do that, and then there is someone who raises their hand and says I’ll do that Jesus.

Then Jesus says – I choose you.

The way you get chosen is you raise your hand.

The question is will you say yes?

Your yes separates you.

Because I said, Lord, here I am. Use me however you see fit. Put me in places you want me to go. Take me wherever you need me. I’ll follow, you lead, Lord.

A hurting world has been shown to me. A hurting place right where I am.

Friends, we need to be present in our places.

I love what Jennie Allen said as she explained in Nehemiah:

In Judah, the strength of those who bear the burdens is failing. There is too much rubble. By ourselves, we will not be able to rebuild the wall.”” (4:10)

So Nehemiah divides them with their people (their clan) in their places on the wall. And he says,

“Do not be afraid. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” (4:14)

Ok, this piece of the wall, I got it. I'm going to fight for my people. I'm going to work to rebuild the brokenness in my place. - Jennie Allen

Will you be that worker that is available for the One to use for the one that is hurting?

Will you fight to rebuild what is broken?

Will you raise your hand in your churches, your workplaces, at your kid’s games or even at your local coffee shop?

Jesus did a lot in Matthew 9. He did a lot in His own city.

I ask you – What can you do with yours?

Five Ways You Can Show Love This Christmas

Homeless Christmas
In America, we have two dynamic types of people, one with excess and one with need, but what makes us similar is our ability to show love to others. Jose and I have been married for 16 years and we have had plenty and we have had lack - yet no matter the season we were in we always made it a point to give.

Whether it was giving monetarily because we could or giving our time because that is all we had, either way we gave so that we can show love to others.

[Tweet "It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving – Mother Teresa"]

Here are Five Ways You Can Show Love This Christmas:

Bake Cookies for the Homeless – Make that famous chocolate chip cookie you are known for and put them in a cute baggie with Christmas ribbon. Then, either on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, pile the kids in the car. Before you head out, pray and ask God for direction on where to go and that He would guide you to meet those people that need to be shown love. Then head for the city. Hand them your cute cookie package and ask them if they need any prayer.

Serve a Meal at your Local Mission – Maybe you live right in the heart of a need that you can easily meet by joining with other volunteers to serve a meal to the less fortunate. Some of them don’t require you to prepare any food they are just welcome to have someone to help serve.

Give Coloring Books and Crayons to a Nursing Home – I know, not the traditional Christmas craft of cards, but I have never seen so many faces light up with a coloring book. It's as though they are a kid again and for those that are bedridden it is a time-waster they really do enjoy.

Buy a Coffee for the Salvation Army Bell-Ringer – That poor guy or gal stands out there in some parts of the country in blistering cold to ring that bell and bring attention to all us shoppers reminding us to give. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a coffee or hot chocolate in hand to give…along with a donation, of course.

Give 5 Hours of Your Time to a Cause – Maybe you’re strapped for cash, but know graphic design or organization really well. Maybe your Christmas list is financial over extended and you have nothing to give. Do you have a couple of hours that maybe you can help an organization that you believe in with your time as a volunteer. Offer your experience in accounting, marketing, creative design, cleaning, errands, whatever it is. Why 5 hours? Wouldn't it feel nice that you just gave $100 worth of your time? The verse in Luke 6:38 still applies with time also and maybe even God will give you more in return that you gave…try it.

This Christmas lets not wait until we are wealthy enough or can afford to give to show Love. We all can do something that can bring a smile to someones face. We can show Christ and His love through us.

Will you join me?

Do you give to a specific church or cause? What stopped you from giving? Let's talk about it in the comments below.

What Caught My Eye This Week - August #2

Weekly Review

Blog Posts

Although our kids aren’t allowed to date until 16 (yes, I know we're not normal), Mary DeMuth does a great job by teaching us how to coach our teenagers through the dating years preparing them, and us, to one day let go.

The church has come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. Missio Alliance talks about some things my husband and I face in the Body of Christ at times.

This blog post tripled my readership this week! I guess you guys want to talk more about marriage - funny how God calls the unqualified to talk about this stuff.

Video and Podcast

Why does God allow Pain and Suffering? This question is leads to a conversation of not blaming God for the sufferings in this life. Peter Guirguis gives us a glimpse into a world of unanswered prayers.

Kathi Lipp is a rockstar! I remember meeting her backstage at the MOPS Convention in Dallas a few years back. To see where God has brought her from is an amazing testimony. She interviews one of my favorites, Michele Cushatt, discussing following God isn’t always pretty.

Social Media

There were some great feeds going on at the #GLS14 (Global Leadership Summit) this week. Here are some that caught my eye:

We need infinitely more people that are serious about their faith in the marketplace than in churches. - bcloritts

Talk through truth. Not around it. Because truth accelerates trust. - josephgrenny

“God treasures people even more than vision." - BillHybels

"Choose the joy of unlocking the potential in others" - Carly Fiorina


I’m trying to get all the Summer pies I can squeezed in these last few weeks of August before fall and apple pies set in. My kids love Orange Creamsicle ice cream, so I thought I would make this glory this weekend! Would love for you to join me - Instagram the final results at #Table810


The WHY in the Reason We Sponsor

It’s day 4 of the FHBloggers in Guatemala and each day seems to be more incredible from the previous.

Today I had the honor of meeting mine and Jose’s sponsor child Imelda in her home.  Her sweet spirit is so beautiful.


Entering into the home, Imelda presented me with a shawl that was woven by her. It will be a gift that I will truly cherish and is more evidence to the hospitality of this beautiful culture.


This trip and these people have changed the way I look at things. I love being a part of something that is impacting a community as Seoguis.


Some of these pictures illustrate the WHY.  It’s not just because they may not have enough food or water or that their housing may be something that you and I are not use to but it’s the smiles, the joy that are on these children’s faces. 


It’s a constant reminder of the mundane days of life as you and I as individuals, parents or spouses may endure yet we can think about a child in need, a child we can sponsor and think about that beautiful smile and realize my life is nothing to the one a child may endure.

When I met Imelda, so many thoughts went through my mind.  What does she think of me? This “gringo”, blonde hair, blue eyed girl in her home. Does she know she’s part of a larger family? Does she know that she’s loved and that God loves her so much?

To meet her brother and sisters, her mother and her grandmother was a blessing to take with me.


I made Imelda promise to share with her siblings the crayons and paper that was given to her.  I jokingly told her that I would call her mom to find out if she’d been sharing.  We laughed.


Memories were created.  A richness of compassion and love was given one to another. Even meeting Imelda's mom, Juana.  Encouraging her and let her know that she’s obviously doing a fantastic job raising her four children because you can see the JOY on their faces.  That I know having four children is a lot of work but Juana and I both know it’s so worth it. 

I encourage you to be a part.  Be a part of sponsoring a child with Food for the Hungry. FH ensures that each child will be taken care.  Their needs will be met whether educational, through health, food or even spiritual. I promise you that it will never feel like you’re giving money but that you are building a relationship with a child with the possibility of meeting that child in person yourself one day.


Jealous of a Mother's Strength

It’s Day 3 in this beautiful country of Guatemala and yet again I leave a people that God has truly put on my heart. This is Margarita.  Her smile is infectious.


When our eyes connected as we were first introduced by our translator, I sensed a commonality with her.


She shared with us how she tried for seven years to have a child and how God “finally” blessed her with a beautiful daughter named Eva.

She told us about her husband Jose and how he works as a day laborer. Telling us how difficult it’s been to find work lately and how he is currently working as a farm hand coming home every other week.

Her home is no more than 500 square feet yet she is so humbled with what she has.


She’s a mother, like so many of us, yet my heart had ached for her.


It was as though I wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her what an amazing job she is doing.  To look her in the eye and tell her she’s beautiful.  To let her know that every seed she has sown in her garden and every tear she has shed longing for a child did not go unnoticed.  That God has been with her every step of the way and will continue to walk every step with her.

She’s a mom like so many of us. Yet I find myself jealous of her strength.  To endure the conditions of dirt floors and a wooden bed frame with no mattress is not endurance for her but spoiled comforts for me.

One of the many things I love about Food for the Hungry is how they have helped Margarita with the purification of her water by providing a water filtration system in her home allowing her to provide good, clean water for her and Eva.


Margarita also showed us the greenhouse that she and 14 other women have recently “co-op” with planting zucchini and soon to be other vegetables to plant and harvest. The land is generously being rented by “Don” Jose with seeds provided by Food for the Hungry (FH).


 It just blows my mind!  Why would you not want to be part of this incredible organization? I’ve seen the “fruit” with my own eyes.  FH truly impacts these communities and has helped so many families here in Guatemala providing them with food, water filtration, education, and life skills that truly have helped the family unit stay viable and strong, which is so important to the Guatemalan culture.

If you would like to find out how you can get involved with Food for the Hungry and help mothers like Margarita, then click here to be a part of this incredible opportunity.

Photo credit to the phenomenal Jessica Taylor

Continue following our trip on Twitter using #fhbloggers or reading our blog posts at FHBloggers.com


Beautiful Hearts

This is the fourth time I have typed and deleted. The words I want to write are so many yet there seems to be this rule that we ought not to write it all down but only in bits and pieces.  But how do you keep things to a minimum when your heart is so full?

Full of men and women from this small community called Seoguis. Full of young girls and boys where we learned that most families in this community average 7.2 children per household.  That there are 80 moms’ in this small village with all different smiles yet their eyes tell their stories.


Or even men like Alberto's


What an incredible husband and hard-working father he is to nine children.  He and his wife have also taken in her sister’s daughter as he shared with us the story of this young girl’s alcoholic father.

My heart is full to hear the stories of this family. When you meet Alberto his eyes say so much. Words like honor, respect, doer, compassionate, loving come to mind.


Then there was Lydia.


She teaches one of the Sunday school classes in this community.  Her heart is so beautiful. She chose to be a teacher because [quote style="boxed"]she loves to play with kids and wants to be like Jesus because He loved to be with kids too[/quote] were her words.

So many stories compacted in this one day.  The fullness of compassion and justice has filled me.  To see these kids’ smiles warms my heart.


This is why I believe in the work of Food for the Hungry and child sponsorship.  To see with my own eyes the transformation of communities through the work of FH firsthand.

Take this opportunity tonight to join us in a Twitter chat at 8pm EST to find out more about child sponsorship or questions you may have about our journey through Guatemala these last few days. Follow us using the hashtag #fhbloggers as each of us shares a little of what we have seen so far


#FHBloggers Guatemala Day 1 - A Courageous People

The team has arrived in Guatemala. IMG_6714

What a beautiful country.  The terrain is absolutely breathtaking and the people here are beautiful.



Today is our first day of being on the ground in a community that Food for the Hungry supports.  I’m eager, to say the least, to see and hear the people of this beautiful country.  To hear how Food for the Hungry has helped their family with food and wellness.

Last night the team went to dinner with one of our guides, Amelia.  I loved hearing her story of how Food for the Hungry helped her as a child and how special those letters meant to her each time she received one from her sponsor.  She also shared with us about the needs here in this northern region.  65% of children under 5 are susceptible to chronic malnutrition.  She explained that chronic malnutrition is a result of the lack of protein a child has available.  Fruits and vegetables are grown in their communities but the lack of chicken, beef, and other meats has this region increasing rapidly with malnutrition.

This is where Food for the Hungry comes in.  I’ll discuss more about it throughout the week as the organization educates us and begins showing us the results of Food for the Hungry’s impact.

Personally, I can’t wait to see these communities.  To share the love of Christ with them and to be His hands and feet to these courageous people. Because that is what my eyes saw today, a courageous people.

God's Definition

Wow…6 days! 6 days and I will be in Guatemala.

This weekend I purchased the last of my supplies.

Bug Spray…check.

Long Pants…check.


One thing I wish I could say I was taking with me is the Spanish language. This “poor Mexican”, what my husband calls me, wishes I soaked up every word my great-grandparents and grandparents spoke.  We’ve been watching some Telenovelas (Spanish soap operas) to help me recognize the words again but as always I’ll understand better than speak the language.

All kidding aside, to say I’m excited is an understatement.  The last few days and the rest of this week I’ve been preparing my heart, asking God His definition of contentment. Asking Him what his definition of loving others looks like.

One of our Team Leaders with Food for the Hungry wrote this beautiful post.  Seeing the images like these that she posted of her last trip showed the realness of some of the communities we will be going into.


I am humbled to be a part of this journey with some rock star bloggers such as Raechel Meyers, Darrell and Allison Vesterfelt, and Sarah Matheny.  Follow our trip as we discuss our travels, the work that Food for the Hungry does and opportunities how you can get involved.

Until next time. (Hasta manana!)

Balancing the Spiritual and Material

When is having so much “stuff” enough and when is allowing those around us justify them to be ok with less. It is a delicate balance.

Ken Wytsma in Pursuing Justice says,

[quote style="boxed"]Rather than being in competition, as with the teeter-totter analogy, the spiritual and material aspects of life can be pictured as the two sides of a train track – meant to be inextricably connected to one purpose.[/quote]

I love this analogy.  To think of a teeter-totter with Spiritual on one side and Material on the other, each side going up and down.  Never balancing each other out.  It’s kind of how some of us live today.  When we have more than enough, we still want more.  We can give and give, but never really fill the pinch of what it’s like to give when you feel like your pocketbook is saying no. With some of us not giving to those in need so that we can continue to have more.

The status quo.

But instead Ken talks about how we should be like a set of train tracks.  Running side by side, parallel from each other.  With both Spiritual and Material going in the same direction.  Arriving at the finish line – together.


My prayer as I begin to set my feet on Guatemala is that I would be an extension of John 15 and become the branches as a follower of Jesus.  That just as parallel as that train track and just as I am connected to the Vine that I can be fully engulfed in seeing this earth (material) as how God (Spiritual) sees it.  Our desires to have success, have stature, or chasing the almighty dollar will not heal the land (2 Chronicles 7:14). It may help but humbleness can be hard for some to obtain.

Seeing the World Through His Eyes

[quote style="boxed"]Wherever we find ourselves, we can make a difference – Pursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma[/quote]

In 13 days I will be on a plane from Nashville to Guatemala.  Nerves are kicking in.  Praying for safe travels there and back as I leave my family for 5 days.


One thing I know is that this experience is exactly what God has planned for me.  To see the world through His eyes.  I don’t know the needs of those we will be meeting or the children that we will meet but I know they each need to be loved and given justice to those that are suffering.

Psalm 146:6-9 says,

He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them—he remains faithful forever. He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free, the Lord gives sight to the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, the Lord loves the righteous. The Lord watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.

Ken Wytsma says, “People are hungry for justice”. So is God.  It’s evident in His Word as Jesus was concerned for the poor. It was also given with His death and resurrection. It is time to not be blind to the issues around us whether foreign or domestic.  We are to be the hands and feet of the One that we are not worthy to stoop down and untie. (Mark 1:7)


I am excited to be on this journey with these guys.  I’m sure each of us is wondering what experiences God has for us when we arrive in Guatemala.  The stories we will tell.  Follow us on this journey as we begin to prepare our hearts and our minds to all that God has for us and those that we will meet.

Until next time…

I Said Yes

fhIn the fall of 2011, I felt God asking me to begin peeling away from some things that I needed to step down from.  That I needed to become raw to Him.  That He wanted the core of my being.  No layers, just less of me and more of Him. In 2012, I began a journey that I had no control over but only knew that I needed to walk in obedience.  I resigned from MOPS International as the Coordinator for Middle Tennessee after 7 years.  I finished up previous speaking engagements and asked some of my speaker-friends to fill in the gaps.  I stopped leading Bible Studies at our church and offering my help to any outside ministries.

Over the year I found myself in unfamiliar territory, an unfamiliar place.  I found the world I created was just that, a world created by me.

It hurt.  I didn’t want to accept it.


How could I be so selfish? In the rawness, I saw a ministry I created and how God would just shake His head and wonder, “When is she ever going to get it?”  I wonder how many times He did that.

In my hurt, in my removing of flesh, it was as if a tug of war was going on.  A war of looking back with my eyes (Hhmmm, what does scripture say about that?) and seeing what has been accomplished.  I would ask God, “If I leave everything.  If I stop blogging, stop speaking, stop leading, stop teaching, then what was all of it for? Then I would find myself even more selfish by asking, “Will they remember me? I worked so hard to get where I’m at and you were there with me through it all.”  But God reminded me that He was there, I just put Him in the back seat while I drove.

In the spring of 2012, I began to only focus on my family and my full-time work.  Not looking for the next speaking gig or chasing something that I wanted and not what He wanted.

Peeling of layers, upon layers, upon layers.

In 2013 I couldn’t be more at peace with who I am.  I am so raw. The core of who I am sees herself in a mirror and only sees her as God sees her.  Hands lifted, eyes looking up with a smile on my face as I quietly just listen.  It’s funny how you teach it to others for so long and realize that over time you may lose yourself in the message.  You forget that we have to be a continuous work in progress.  Seasons may change but God never does.

There is peace in that.

In 2012, I threw up my hands and said no more.  If I am to do anything for you, then God you are going to have to open up the doors.  I am just a vessel that is yours to use for however you see fit.

It seemed as though the only thing I could hear was crickets.  Dead silence.

All I knew what to do was just to stay obedient to what He asked for me to do in 2011.

This year I can truly say that God has open every door that has come my way.  Not once did I go looking. Not once did I network to find the next big thing.  I just let God control my life.

When you do that, big things happen.

First it was Blissdom.  Having that incredible opportunity to be a speaker in Dallas was a highlight that I am thankful for.

A few weeks ago I received an email to speak at a Women’s Conference in Scottsdale in January 2014.  My eyes looked up and just smiled.  “God, I am yours to use.”

Now, recently, I won a contest.  The contest was to be on the book review group of Pursuing Justice and once in the group you have been entered to win an all-expense paid trip to a mission’s trip with Food for the Hungry.  When a friend contacted me to let me know I won, I didn’t quite remember entering for anything. I just wanted to read the book. (Which is unbelievable by the way!) I took a little over a week. Talked to my husband and the kids about it.  My husband is my biggest fan and encouraged me to, “just listen to what God wants for you”.  When I talked to my kids about it, our oldest daughter said “Mommy, you should go.  We all need to help those that need help the most.”  My heart was full.

I said….Yes to this.

I don’t know what God has for me but I realized these last few years that that is exactly where God wants me.  Me not controlling the who, what, when, where or even how but just letting God lead me.

I feel like a kid again.  Holding the hand of Jesus as he walks me to and from.  Kneels down, looks at me and smiles, points and says, “there”.

Raw, open and down to the core is where I am and where I want to stay.

Are You Static or Dynamic? - Pursuing Justice

PursuingJustice_book_500When I was sent an early copy of Ken Wytsma’s book “Pursuing Justice”, I was intrigued by the title but the subtitle caught not just my eye but my heart also.  “The call to live and die for bigger things”.  Let me say that again, “The call to live and die for bigger things”. The subtitle brought hesitation. To live and die? How do you really do that?

I grew up in church.  My grandparents were missionaries and used to take me on trips to the beautiful country of Mexico with them. They also loved serving New Mexico and the Navajo's with the old days of tent revivals. Lives changed and the love that was shown will always stay with me.  My grandparents always taught me that it is for the cause of the message to be heard by all that they continuously pursued justice for others.

I read it again, “The call to live and die for bigger things.”

The pages of Pursuing Justice is not about living or dying in the physical but to live and die in the spiritual.  It’s about putting others before yourself.  Ken talks about finding happiness in serving others. That we can’t just be a “Static” Christian or become a “Dynamic” Christian.  Static in short is seeing others do something but dynamic is those that just don’t see, but do.

It’s a revamp of the Golden Rule.

We as Christian’s, as people of this world, as partakers of life, we should be doing.

So I did.

I am partaking in a local child advocate non-profit in our community to give children a voice from broken homes.  Which I am really excited about.  Then this week I will be meeting with a woman that is over another non-profit that brings women back into society from being in prison. A second chance if you will.  Hoping to share this group of women with our Life Group in service.  And then I get a call from Food for the Hungry to come with them on a mission’s trip.  My heart says yes.

Thank God for his perfect timing and reading Pursuing Justice.  This book showed me that life is found in the happiness you find in helping others. In giving YOU to those that need YOU in theirs.  It showed me that as the world is constantly trying to pursue happiness with material things or titles, we pursue happiness by pursuing justice for others.

Life and Death.

Death. What Ken talks about death is dying to your wants, your desires, your comforts and dying for God’s.  Being willing to walk away from the American Dream and live His dream instead.


Dying to self, self wants, self-desires and doing His desires, His wants.  That is living and dying for bigger things.

I love when I read something that makes we want to change some things in me.  That motivates me to be the better that God put in me.  Each of us can do something.  Each of us can help in our local communities or non-profits.  Help in our churches or courts systems.  But this kind of sacrifice doesn’t mean we have to care for the homeless or feed the poor. Sometimes it can look like taking care of our families

Pursuing Justice will shake the core of your being.  My prayer is that it makes you DO.