#FHBloggers Guatemala Day 1 - A Courageous People

The team has arrived in Guatemala. IMG_6714

What a beautiful country.  The terrain is absolutely breathtaking and the people here are beautiful.



Today is our first day of being on the ground in a community that Food for the Hungry supports.  I’m eager, to say the least, to see and hear the people of this beautiful country.  To hear how Food for the Hungry has helped their family with food and wellness.

Last night the team went to dinner with one of our guides, Amelia.  I loved hearing her story of how Food for the Hungry helped her as a child and how special those letters meant to her each time she received one from her sponsor.  She also shared with us about the needs here in this northern region.  65% of children under 5 are susceptible to chronic malnutrition.  She explained that chronic malnutrition is a result of the lack of protein a child has available.  Fruits and vegetables are grown in their communities but the lack of chicken, beef, and other meats has this region increasing rapidly with malnutrition.

This is where Food for the Hungry comes in.  I’ll discuss more about it throughout the week as the organization educates us and begins showing us the results of Food for the Hungry’s impact.

Personally, I can’t wait to see these communities.  To share the love of Christ with them and to be His hands and feet to these courageous people. Because that is what my eyes saw today, a courageous people.