Beautiful Hearts

This is the fourth time I have typed and deleted. The words I want to write are so many yet there seems to be this rule that we ought not to write it all down but only in bits and pieces.  But how do you keep things to a minimum when your heart is so full?

Full of men and women from this small community called Seoguis. Full of young girls and boys where we learned that most families in this community average 7.2 children per household.  That there are 80 moms’ in this small village with all different smiles yet their eyes tell their stories.


Or even men like Alberto's


What an incredible husband and hard-working father he is to nine children.  He and his wife have also taken in her sister’s daughter as he shared with us the story of this young girl’s alcoholic father.

My heart is full to hear the stories of this family. When you meet Alberto his eyes say so much. Words like honor, respect, doer, compassionate, loving come to mind.


Then there was Lydia.


She teaches one of the Sunday school classes in this community.  Her heart is so beautiful. She chose to be a teacher because [quote style="boxed"]she loves to play with kids and wants to be like Jesus because He loved to be with kids too[/quote] were her words.

So many stories compacted in this one day.  The fullness of compassion and justice has filled me.  To see these kids’ smiles warms my heart.


This is why I believe in the work of Food for the Hungry and child sponsorship.  To see with my own eyes the transformation of communities through the work of FH firsthand.

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