Are You Static or Dynamic? - Pursuing Justice

PursuingJustice_book_500When I was sent an early copy of Ken Wytsma’s book “Pursuing Justice”, I was intrigued by the title but the subtitle caught not just my eye but my heart also.  “The call to live and die for bigger things”.  Let me say that again, “The call to live and die for bigger things”. The subtitle brought hesitation. To live and die? How do you really do that?

I grew up in church.  My grandparents were missionaries and used to take me on trips to the beautiful country of Mexico with them. They also loved serving New Mexico and the Navajo's with the old days of tent revivals. Lives changed and the love that was shown will always stay with me.  My grandparents always taught me that it is for the cause of the message to be heard by all that they continuously pursued justice for others.

I read it again, “The call to live and die for bigger things.”

The pages of Pursuing Justice is not about living or dying in the physical but to live and die in the spiritual.  It’s about putting others before yourself.  Ken talks about finding happiness in serving others. That we can’t just be a “Static” Christian or become a “Dynamic” Christian.  Static in short is seeing others do something but dynamic is those that just don’t see, but do.

It’s a revamp of the Golden Rule.

We as Christian’s, as people of this world, as partakers of life, we should be doing.

So I did.

I am partaking in a local child advocate non-profit in our community to give children a voice from broken homes.  Which I am really excited about.  Then this week I will be meeting with a woman that is over another non-profit that brings women back into society from being in prison. A second chance if you will.  Hoping to share this group of women with our Life Group in service.  And then I get a call from Food for the Hungry to come with them on a mission’s trip.  My heart says yes.

Thank God for his perfect timing and reading Pursuing Justice.  This book showed me that life is found in the happiness you find in helping others. In giving YOU to those that need YOU in theirs.  It showed me that as the world is constantly trying to pursue happiness with material things or titles, we pursue happiness by pursuing justice for others.

Life and Death.

Death. What Ken talks about death is dying to your wants, your desires, your comforts and dying for God’s.  Being willing to walk away from the American Dream and live His dream instead.


Dying to self, self wants, self-desires and doing His desires, His wants.  That is living and dying for bigger things.

I love when I read something that makes we want to change some things in me.  That motivates me to be the better that God put in me.  Each of us can do something.  Each of us can help in our local communities or non-profits.  Help in our churches or courts systems.  But this kind of sacrifice doesn’t mean we have to care for the homeless or feed the poor. Sometimes it can look like taking care of our families

Pursuing Justice will shake the core of your being.  My prayer is that it makes you DO.