I'm a Blissdom Newbie

This year I get to go to Blissdom!

I'm excited to be a part of something that has been buzzing around Nashville for awhile and a little nervous because I don't know a lot of people in the Social Media world. So I decided to be a part of the Blissdom Newbie linkup.  Here are three things About Me and what I am hoping to take away from Blissdom:

1. I had 4 kids in 2 1/2 years!! Now they are 10, 11 (twins) and 13. The baby years were all a blur to me.

2. I get the awesome opportunity to lead the leadership of all the MOPS groups in Middle Tennessee.

3. This love writing and speaking girl that is a working momma who is a Marketing fanatic who loves Jesus with all her heart learning everyday how to be a better wife, mother and woman...can't wait to breathe everything in this weekend.

Here is what I am hoping to take away from Blissdom:

1. Great Networking opportunities and connections.  After a few years of blogging and tweeting, it will be nice to put some names to some faces.

2. I'm planning on taking the Business and Writing sessions.  I'm looking for guidance and direction on this blog.  What works for some and what doesn't work from others.  I just love sitting with like minded people plus I can't wait to hear my sweet friend Tami Heim!

3. I want to dream! The biggest thing I want to do this weekend is dream.  Dream big. Dream the impossible dream.  I want to dream like Joshua and Joseph. Dream dreams that have amazing finishes.

Are you going to Blissdom? I'd love to connect with you! Leave me a comment here or visit me on Facebook or Twitter and I'll add you to my "must meet at Blissdom" list.