I Love What I Do

Last Friday I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to some amazing mom's at a MOPS group in Clarksville, TN. Majority of them are military mom's.

She was sharing with me her story about her husband just coming back from Afghanistan a few days ago and how she's having to adjust to him being home. Plus, she just turned 30!!

Oh and then there is the food!

Every time I go to speak at a MOPS group, I can tell you these women know how to cook! From amazing bread pudding to scalloped potatoes - it's all about the best dish in the South!

I love these women.

The talk was on "Ms. Perfect lives next door". I love the conversation and passion that arises from this topic.

One take away is always how we see ourselves in the mirror is nothing in comparison to how God sees us in His.  Let Him smile on you as He is proud of His PERFECT creation.

I want to thank Kat (the Coordinator) and the awesome MOPS team for asking me to come out and inspiring you to be all that God has called you to be as you lead this group of women!