A New Direction

I was looking when the last time I wrote here....January 9th! Ouch! The last few weeks I've been praying and asking God for direction. Direction on this space.

Seeking Him on what He wants this blog to look like.

Some things in my life have changed.  One of the biggest changes have been me going back to work.  We had me go back to work in March of last year thinking that it was going to be temporary.  But reality hit us and realized that although we know that God is and will always be our Provider, the stress and worry to make ends meet was not worth me staying home while the kids were in school.

Long story short, God has given me an amazing job.  One thing I always did was stay current with the market when it came to my experience in Marketing and PR while I was a stay-at-home mom.  I now work for a golf course and development as the Director of Marketing and make a salary that one would think doesn't reflect a mom that stayed at home for 13 years.

Here is what I need from you...I need your prayers. Prayer for clarity.  I still want to write and publish "that book" for moms.  I still will be speaking to women and encourage leaders to be all that God has called them to be (thankful for a boss that allows me to do this things still). I guess at the end of the day, I want to do everything with purpose and God's direction.  I want to make an impact for however long or short God has me in front of people speaking, writing or ministering.

But for now I will sit in His extravagant love!