Sometimes A New Season Will Make You Ask Questions

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and prayers for this new season in my life.  God has truly blessed these steps. The last few days I’ve been praying and seeking God on some things.  Some decisions that I need to make that will affect my family, ministry, writing and future.

Three years ago I started speaking to women and MOPS mom’s all around Tennessee. I learned so much and gained so many friendships through those years and continue to do so today.  In August of this year was the annual MOPS Convention right here in Nashville. This year was different; I was going to be escorting more of the headline speakers and artist and was thankful for the opportunity.  But, I was also given the opportunity to speak to what they call the Large Group Coordinators. There had to be hundreds of them, if not close to 1,000.  I was in an AWE-God moment standing and speaking before these women.

One thing I could not shake was a feeling of completeness; a feeling of having arrived in the season of MOPS ministry.  To be honest, I felt old. But until God tells me its time or shuts one door to open another, I know I will continue to impart into these women the message of confident motherhood.

But I do know these things are heavy on my heart:

We have 4 kids – With cars and colleges coming sooner than we think and construction returning at a slow pace, I am finally accepting that I will have to work. I am sure there are some of you that have large families and understand where I am coming from.  Buying clothes for four kids is no easy task and don’t even talk about going out to eat.  It can cost us $75-80 to go eat at a Mexican restaurant or even our local McDonald’s can be $45!! So long happy meals, children’s menus and children clothing sets.

Ministering to women – I am seeking and asking God on what that looks like now. I spoke last week to a twitter friend of mine and we were discussing how we share the same passion – to inspire women to become all that God intended them to be.  I have had the privilege to speak and lead to the MOPS leaders in Middle Tennessee for 7 years now.  I don’t think this was an accident.

The Future – With my Marketing background and being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, I always stayed current with the trends and technology with marketing which has truly paid off with my new job.  I know because of this and God’s favor I was able to get a job with the first person I applied to.  What I do miss is my flexibility.  So I say all this because of two things – ministry & money. A ministry that is flourishing and growing and a marketing firm that is working with corporations for their branding and PR needs are two things that are on my heart.  I’m just asking God what that looks like and does it include both or one or the other.

I promise tomorrow I’ll be back encouraging, inspiring and motivating you to be all that God has dreamed for you but for now…thanks for letting me speak what’s been on my heart lately.

What has been on your mind lately? Have you been asking God some of these same questions?