A Season of Thanksgiving

Good Monday morning to you. I hope you have enjoyed your extra hour of sleep. We had a great and quiet weekend that was filled with rest and laughter in our home. Last week was the end of the speaking season for me and this year brought tremendous growth in ministry and friendships that were gained. Now I can rest and enjoy my family and friends this holiday season.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  It is a time when our family and friends get together and enjoy the season of being thankful for all that has been given, every prayer that was answered and every AWE-God moment throughout the year.

For the next few weeks leading into Thanksgiving I want to talk with you about topics like having a thankful heart, what being thankful can do and many other areas we will talk about here.

So join us these next few weeks. I promise they will be fruitful and leave you feeling full with blessings.

Until then.