Give Up Control

I’ve been studying about Samuel this week and if you remember the story of his mother Hannah or the reason’s as to why I called my own daughter Hannah, you know I am a big fan of Samuel. Samuel’s biggest triumph (although there were many) was that he led Israel back to God. Here was a man that showed us that if we stay faithful in the little things that we will be trusted with greater things.

To study more on this read 1 Samuel chapters 1-8 to find out more about him.

But I wanted to share with you what was on my heart.

Samuel moved ahead because he was listening to God’s directions. He was faithful in the little. Too often we ask God to control our lives without making us give up the goals for which we strive.

We ask God to help us get where we want to go.

Here are 3 things I want you to focus on the rest of this week:

  1. Turn over the control and destination of our lives to Him.
  2. Do what we already know God requires of us.
  3. Listen for further directions from His word – God’s map for life

Do these things and I promise you the road map of our life’s destination will be easily directed because He wrote it.

Do you trust God in the journey or do you control the direction of the road map?