Waking Up From My Dream

She Speaks ConferenceSince 2009, three words have always been a dream to me…She Speaks Conference. But this year, I’m hoping to wake up from the dream and make it a reality.

She Speaks Conference is just not a conference for writers, speakers or leaders, it’s about taking the message that God gave you and learning how to deliver that message.  Whether it is through books, a platform or in the women God gave you to lead, She Speaks Conference will give you the tools you need to equip you into your destiny.

This is why I want to go.  Because for the last two years I’ve known that this is what I will get from this conference; this is the result of what I will walk away with. When I first learned about it in 2009, I was hesitant.  I was just starting out in ministry, talking to Mom groups and leading Bible Study. Yet, when I looked at the Speaker Track, I told myself, no way you want me to speak in front of a group of women that are also speakers to critique me.  I thought two things; either I would flunk the course or have to run to the bathroom because my nerves got the best of me. So now with three years under my belt, I’m not afraid anymore.  Yes, I might be a little nervous, but I found out it’s not about me, it’s about Him.  I’m just the messenger.

Now I’m on this new venture…writing.  I started my blog in October in 2009, stopped in November 2009 (yep, didn’t last long) and then came back in May 2010 and have been writing ever since.  It wasn’t until January of this year that I really found my voice. God began showing me not to just write, but write with purpose.  Write in a way that women see the value of who God is and where He wants to take them. This is where Beyond Brave came from. I am inspired every day with comments and messages from my readers to continue this journey into writing.  Where truth be told, God has said, it is time.  Time to write on paper this message of Beyond Brave.

So there it is.  The reasons of why I would like to win a scholarshipWhy I would like to attend my first She Speaks Conference. Can I afford it?  Hmmm, it will hurt, especially when you are coming off of moments like theseBut I know in order for me to take the next step into ministry I have to have extraordinary faith to get there.

Lysa TerKeurst, the founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, has so graciously posted this wonderful opportunity to apply for two Cecil Murphy Scholarships.  If you are or long to be a writer, speaker or are in women’s ministry, I encourage you to take this opportunity and apply.

Have you ever been to the She Speaks Conference?

Did it take extraordinary faith to get there or to another event?