How Blogging Brought Me a Surprise Message - @stickyJesus Ch. 13

I am going to share with you something exciting that happened to me this week. I love how God is a God of order and how He saw fit to have some readers of my blog write me to tell their story. I say God is a God of order because as we talk about Blogging in Chapter 13 of @stickyJesus, I continue to be amazed on the purpose of why we should do social media. Reading @stickyJesus helps in drawing that purpose out of you.

When I first began this blog I had a tough time finding a purpose in what I wanted my blog to be; where I wanted to take my readers. I knew I loved reading other blogs about organization, recipes and every day mom, wife and mothering issues but that’s not where God wanted me to go with my blog. I still chose to write about those things that I liked to read about. It wasn’t until I sat with Toni Birdsong herself AND really asked God where He wanted me to go with this blogging thing, is when I began to see my purpose. It’s as if you have all these words in your Spirit that you just have to write, you just have to speak them into existence. So I did.

As I began tweaking my blog, changing the title from Michelle Sarabia to Beyond Brave, it helped me pour out more encouragement and inspiration to others than I ever imagined. In that little tweak, I had direction on where God wanted me to go. How He had me talking about moments in our lives that take extraordinary faith to overcome and how if we seek Him in all of it, He will see us through.

I also added a feature called Wednesday Wisdom. It is a 3-4 minute YouTube video of wisdom that is simple and encouraging. This has actually become my favorite part of the week!

So, remember I was telling you about something exciting that happened to me this week? I wanted to show you a snippet of what I received from one of my readers as a Facebook message:

Almost a year ago our pastor and his family moved to Springfield, MO to take a church as my husband was beginning the last year of a 3 year term serving on our church board. He was asked to serve as chairman of the Board until a pastor was hired and we are just now (we trust) coming to the end of what seems like a very long journey…

It was amazing to me how the 2 Wednesday wisdoms I saw were exactly what I needed to hear...God was speaking directly to me, through your sweet voice, to hang on! To know that in a little while there WILL be peace in all the land. I have been clinging to Psalm 46:10 for the last few months knowing that in the end God will be exalted! I'm so glad I can share with you what your words meant to me yesterday as I sat here with tears falling on my cheeks while you read the passage from Smith Wigglesworth "for the Lord your God has you now in preparation, He is proving you, and wanting to bring you in the desired place of your heart's affections" - I listened to it several times to let it sink in.

So, yes, we've been going through a season that has seemed daunting at times, trying to please all ages and all backgrounds with the "Perfect" candidate. I'll leave out the details and just end with a huge thank you for doing what God has called you to do. I will be following you now and praying for God to keep growing and blessing this wonderful ministry you've been given!!

Keep sharing with us what God is teaching you, and I pray that as you continue to encourage women (all the way in Mesa, AZ) that your spirit will be refreshed in return!! God bless you and your family.

This is why I blog!

When I received this, I got on my knees and began to weep with joy and praise, thanking God for using me to speaking into this woman's life. I am just a conduit, a vessel for Him.

See blogging allows me to write what God has put on my heart. Reading @stickyJesus helped me to see Social Media as not a time-waster or a social gathering, but how we can use it for His kingdom. How we can use blogging to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

I challenge you to seek God, if you haven’t already, on where He wants you to go in your blogging.

Doesn’t obeying God make a difference?