Holy Tension

This is a guest post by Dedra Herod. She is a chick in love with Jesus, a wonderful friend and will be a workshop speaker at the .Mom event in September. She blogs at  Just a Chick and is also active on Twitter. I wonder what you are struggling with at this moment…  What is making you weary?  A broken relationship?  A task that seems never ending?  A prayer request that seems to be repeated every day?  A person that He has called you to serve that doesn’t appear to be changing?

Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Did you know that Holy tension is a good thing?  When we are faced with a task that we don’t necessarily want to do, knowing that He’s either called us to it or asked us to do it and then actually following through with it… that’s a GOOD thing!  That’s called Holy tension.

It’s a hard thing but a good, good thing.  In our current culture of “hurry up” and “over scheduling” and “results now” it’s hard to simply be content with the act of participating in what He’s called you to.  We want to see immediate answers to prayers.  We want the person we love to love us immediately in return.  We want the praise of man after we publish a blog post or accomplish something that was hard.

Here’s what He calls us to remember:

  • He rewards us constantly for our obedience to Him.
  • We may never see the harvest or fruit of our labor in our lifetime.
  • In our weakness (lack of desire and joy, lack of strength, presence of sensitive emotions) He is made strong.
  • By choosing to act instead of succumbing to our fleshly desire to sit on the couch, we are made strong in Him.
  • Choosing to do the next thing will reap huge blessings, maybe not right this moment, but He’s promised to bless those who love and serve Him.
  • He loves us.

I’m truly sorry if you or a loved one is feeling weary today.  How about we decide together to do this today?  Let’s welcome the weariness.  In our weariness, He is made strong and we are equipped to stand up and do what He’s called us to do.

Let’s let Him have every single part of us today, especially the weariness.  He’s promised to turn it all around and reward us.  I can’t wait to hear what He’s shifted in your heart as you choose to do the thing with His strength instead of your own.

Are you willing?