Your Words are Seeds

Your voice can reap a harvest. Do you believe that?

Your words can speak life into someone.  When those words resonate they become more than just seed but a harvest.  In John 4, its talks about Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan women,  Jesus talked with her about her personal life, answering her spiritual questions, and treating her with dignity that she was not accustomed to.  Those words that were spoken to her were a seed sown in the Samaritan women.  And what did the Samaritan women do? She told others about this Jesus that she met.  That listened. That spoke into her life. That all it took was a moment of time and the Samaritans themselves sought out this Jesus that they heard about and grabbed a hold of every word Jesus spoke.

Jesus went from one seed to reaping a harvest of souls.

When we update our Facebook status, write a blog post or speak publicly we make think our words are so small and insignificant but yet the power of our words can reach one or many.

Do you have the faith to believe that?