A Child I Wasn't Planning On

Continuation from Part II A few weeks had gone by.  I didn’t really tell anyone.  I was embarrassed.  Yes, I knew what the pill was.  Yes, I knew how you could get pregnant.  But come on! Why now?

I found out I was pregnant in November and on a Tuesday in December I had a dream.  In this black and white dream I remember looking down and seeing feet and knew some how these feet were in relation to me.  I looked up and saw thousands and thousands of people what looked like the inside of an arena.  I woke up and said to myself, “Whatever that was”. Never spoke to Jose or anyone about it.

Wednesday evening we went to church as usual.  But this Wednesday service was different. Our pastor in Denver, which was our pastor for 10 years, at times moved in the prophetic.  An orderly prophetic.  He pulled me from where I was standing during our worship service and spoke this over me, “Michelle, God wants me to tell  you that the dream that He gave you was not a hallucination, but that this child inside of you is called to the ministry”.  At that moment there was an overwhelming peace that came over me. There it was…purpose.  Every question, every why, was answered in that moment.  But it wasn’t over.

February rolled around and it was time to find the gender of the baby.  It was going to be a girl.  Jose and I walked out of the doctor’s office spoiled by God because we now will have two boys and two girls.  The all American family.  As Jose walked a few steps ahead of me on the way to the car, I remember talking to God and telling Him, “She’s going to do for you what I didn’t do for you” and in that instant His Holy Spirit spoke over me, “I didn’t write you off, you wrote yourself off”.  Powerful words.

That is why I am writing this to you.  Telling you my story.  My goal with this blog and the Mom section of this blog is to share with you my experiences as a mother and through that experience show you what God has done for me along the way.  How He has matured me as a wife and mother.  How he taught me to love when I thought I wasn’t worthy of love myself. That through each trial, each storm, He was there waiting for me and He’s there waiting for you.

I don’t know what each story will say, but God does.  Because He is the Author and Finisher of MY faith (Hebrews 12:2).  Let Him be yours too.

Oh and by the way, Hannah is her name and she has a preaching stool and preaches to her stuffed animals.  Boy, you should see her pray!