@stickyJesus Book Review

Until recently I was spending so much time on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog writing, that I began to think what purpose is there with all this Social Media.  It is such a time-waster.  My kids were complaining that they never see me.  Telling me, “Mom, you’re always on the phone". Yep, checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I felt as though I had an addiction. An addiction to Social Media. Then I met Tami Heim. Tami and I met at our local Starbucks and she introduced me to @stickyJesus.  A book she and Toni Birdsong co-authored.  And let me tell you this book spoke to everything I was going through and more.  @stickyJesus is not only a book about Social Media.  It’s about how can we use Social Media to show the love of Christ to others.  How we can use Social Media as an opportunity to not just grow Facebook or Twitter Followers but how we can grow Christ Followers.  That Social Media is a tool that we can use to win the lost, encourage the broken and pray for the hurting.  @stickyJesus gives you action plans of how to show compassion or how to lead online. Tami and Toni do an exceptional job explaining boundaries that we need to establish accountability with our time.  Also, now this hurt, how we need to protect the family bond.

Every leader, writer, speaker, blogger, Facebooker, Twitterer, etc.  needs a copy of @stickyJesus.  It’s time to change the game plan.  What the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it over for good (Genesis 50:20). What I thought was a time-waster has now inspired me to use the power of my words.  Not only to use them but to look at them in a different way.  With meaning and purpose.  That God can use my voice (and yours too) to reach millions or just one.

Thank you Tami and Toni for @stickyJesus.  See you at Starbucks.

Stay tuned for a big announcement Friday.