It is well.

Don't you love those days when everything just seems wonderful.  I see my kids, especially my girls, getting on fire for God.  They are such a sponge right now and want to know more of this God that they love and adore with all their hearts.  Gabby asked me last night after church, "Mom, what is wisdom?"  She's gonna be 10 on July 4th and I know she knows what wisdom is but I think she was looking for a more meaningful answer.  I told her, "It's something that we get when we continue to ask God for help or understanding."  I'm learning even that answer was to much for a 10 year old.  "Mom, what do we get?" she asked.  "Wisdom is knowing right from wrong.  Listening and obeying what God is telling us."  I said.  It's those conversations  I look forward to with my children.  Wanting to learn and understand all that God has for them in their lives. Today I continue to see the blessings God has given me and my family.  He reminded me today of all that He brought us out of financially this year.  No, were not out of the woods yet.  But going from sitting in the parking lot at Aldi's with $14 for groceries to knowing that we have a house to stay in that we can now call Home, two cars that are now paid for, food on the table and clothes on our back.  I can praise God that He brought us through the storm.  Yes, we still have debts personally and in our business. But our God is bigger than our circumstance!

So this is what I know...I have peace!  Finally, I have peace.  With all the tears that were shed and sleepless nights wondering what we were gonna do, I have peace. Knowing that my kids are on fire for God and that God has and always will be there meeting my needs according to His riches and glory!!  I have peace.