With Excellence

Early this morning I woke up with God whispering this in my ear, "Mother with Excellence".  For those that know me I am one that does everything at 110% (or at least try to).  I settle for nothing less.  And when it comes for doing something for God, we should expect nothing less.  But I have to admit what was whispered in my ear hurt a little bit.  My mind went to the unfolded laundry and how there have been several times recently that my kids have had to go to the laundry room and search for their clothes to wear in baskets that contain all these unfolded clothes.  I thought about how my kitchen sink doesn't sparkle every night like the FlyLady would want.  How the closets in my house need to be organized from the fall and yesterday was the first day of summer just to indicate how far behind I am.  Thoughts of dusty bunnies in the corners, carpet stains that need to be professionally cleaned or removing myself from the computer only when the kids start wrestling or fighting with each other. As these thoughts came into my mind I realized they weren't just thoughts. It wasn't guilt. It was discipline from my Heavenly Father.  Discipline knowing that I do everything else in my life with excellence but not mothering.  Lord knows I'm not sitting here crying.  I'm not beating myself over the head.   I am taking the correction and knowing that I need to make some changes.  I need to prioritize what is important in my life...my family.