Stop Asking God What To Do

God, what am I supposed to do with my life? God, what have you called me to do?

God, what is my purpose?

Sound familiar?

I used to pray the same thing.

Over and over again.

It seemed like every day I would wonder what God had for my life.

Then I stopped.

In December of last year, I changed my prayer. I stopped asking God what it was He had for me, what His purpose was for my life, and I began to just say:

God, I have nothing to offer you, but me. I have no money, no title, and no position. I have no ministry, nothing.  I only have me to give you.

In His sweet Spirit He whispered, “That is all I ever wanted”.

From that moment, I have had the privilege to do some incredible things in the last 3-4 months since offering up myself to Him. Sure, I’ve had some amazing things happen throughout my life; missions, ministry, etc., but there is something about God clearly opening doors and shedding light on the paths that bring your eyes upon Him and Him alone.

I wonder how many of us are praying those same words - the “What Am I” prayers.

The ones that can leave us empty and wondering.

Unfulfilled and not at peace.

God wants us to live a full life. One that He can use. A life that is offered back to Him.

When we offer ourselves fully to Him with no agenda, no trades, just a true sacrifice of us; watch Him put you in places you would have never imagined. Watch God open doors that would never have been opened.

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Stop counting yourself out as not good enough or not qualified enough.

Last I read God was for you and not against you. That you are the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath.

God doesn’t make mistakes. 

Well, don’t get me started. I may end up preaching!