What Caught My Eye This Week

Blog Posts

Love this from Ann Voskamp this week. With me planting our first garden this year, this hit home for me. Sometimes in life pruning of the good is hard, but it’s in the why we prune we find the greater. The simplicity of NO for others to reach the one is necessary. Definitely worth the read.

Jon Acuff wrote this over at Parent Cue this week. If you are a parent of teenagers, this is a must read on social media and how it’s not too late to talk with them about it.

If you find yourself unorganized like I am, then you need to read this from Alli Worthington.  She discusses four decisions we can make with our organization.

Video and Podcast

Michael Hyatt is a Rock Star! This guy is always curating new ideas and has taken us another step forward into the future.  His "brand new" podcast discusses The 5 Benefits of Collaboration.  You won't want to miss him and Michele Cushatt with their perspective.

Great Interview this week from Trisha Davis on Annie Downs new book Let’s All Be Brave. Love the title!!

Mark Richt, the football coach of the University of Georgia, talks with Mark Merrill about Parenting, especially parenting teenagers.  Great podcast that gives some great insight from a dad's perspective such as teaching our kids to make decisions that are pleasing to God. It's worth the 15 minutes...I promise.

Social Media

Alright Instagramers there is a new app for those of you that have multiple accounts. Donna Moritz introduces us to the Schedugram. I don’t have multiple accounts but for those of you that do, this might be a time saver. Think Hootsuite for Instagram.


I'm making this this weekend! I tried a peach pie recipe that called for a lard crust...major fail! So this weekend I'm gonna grab me some Peach Truck and give this recipe a try.  Whose with me? Let's Instagram using #summerpeach with our results.