I Trust You

That word Trust can be so hard for some of us. We at times don’t trust anyone with the results or answers we are looking for unless we do them ourselves. It’s when we lean into His understanding and not ours is where our heart stays full. It has been a very difficult first half of the year, and we have faced things that we never thought or imagined we would have to face, yet we tried something different. We wholeheartedly put our trust in Him, letting God have ownership of the results. I mean the kind of trust that wrestles with your mind saying I do not understand what you’re doing, but I trust you. This life we are given is not always easy, there will be hurt, tears and loss along the way. But God, but God, is two things – Faithful and Trusting. Click here to get the full image and then save to your phone as a lock screen to remind you of the faithfulness of God and the privilege that we have to trust Him.