We Need Your Dreams To Start

This past Thursday evening, I had the privilege to head to downtown Franklin and attend Jon Acuff's Start Night. It was an incredible night. Three amazing hours of information, encouragement, inspiration and hope.  Attended by so many dreamers and starters, the room felt to small for the ideas that were ready to burst forth with about 100 of us in there. I love what God is doing.  At our church in Nashville, Cornerstone Church, our Pastor has been discussing dreams.  Yesterday he talked about triggering the dream and needing things like Faith and Love that can move that dream forward.  That we need to get our mouth in gear for our dream.  I loved that Jose and I were able to teach our Life Group of 10 couples this incredible message.  The conversation that was created in our living room lasted for over an hour and inspired those to start their dream.

With this message and what Jon has been speaking and getting ready to release his new book, I'm excited to continue to move forward.  I think dreams are necessary but we need those dreams to start.

Here are some notes I took at Start Night:

Hope is boss

All you have to do to be average is nothing

Be your secret self, the person you've always thought you could be

The starting line is the only line you control

Ready is a myth

We all used to think we were awesome. Why did we stop believing?

What gives you the most joy? Ask it without feeling like a jerk

Joy is contagious

Fear only bothers you when you dare to do something

Fear is a liar

Fear is terrified of community

You don't have to know the end to begin

Average is easy. Just do nothing. Awesome takes work.

Being called to what you are suppose to do should be a reunion not a first date

Dreaming is a team sport

When leading, share your failures not just your successes

Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle

Rest is not something to be earned, but a gift from God

The Alpha and Omega knows your name

What is your dream? What does give you the most joy?