One Race I Don't Want To Finish

"They grow up way to fast". A statement I repeatedly heard when I was raising my babies.  Raising 4 under 2 ½ years was an everyday way of life for me.  In those moments, I couldn’t wait until they did grow up. It seemed as though life wasn’t moving fast enough. Now I’m counting crow’s feet around my eyes. My hands seem to wrinkle a little more than they use to. My hair seems to want to do a Paula Deen on me sooner than I would like.

My kids, yes, well they are growing up way to fast on me.  Realizing soon I’ll be celebrating with our youngest our last valentine class party.  Coming home to hear our oldest say that, “all things point to me going to college studying mechanical engineering” and the twins becoming teenagers this year.  Not sure where the time went, but it went by way to fast.

Four years left, and then our oldest goes off to college. One baby to leave the nest.

I think about not if I did but am I doing everything I was supposed to do as their mom.

Did I love them enough?

Did I listen enough?

Do they know who they are in Christ and how they can stand knowing that the rest of their life?

Do they have a desire and passion for God?

Do they know that they cannot just come to their Dad and me for guidance and prayer, but that they can go to God too?

These questions and more race through my head. It's as though we are racing the clock.

This is one race I don’t want to end.

Do you ask yourself if you have done everything you were supposed to in your mothering, work, or marriage? Do you panic a little feeling as though the end of the race is getting closer?