5 Ways to Equip Christian Women for Leadership

Yesterday we talked about the sacrifices working moms make and the work I am currently doing that I shyed away from telling anyone publicly for a year!! Which brings me to a new venture that will begin this month…She Inc!

Can I just tell you I am excited about this!  For almost 10 years I was with a ministry that brought hope and encouragement to young Christian moms.  When you left a meeting, you felt inspired to be the best mom you could be only wanting to come back for more.

The goal is to create that with She Inc.  Reaching out to the working woman.  Whether that is at a corporate level or the work at home mom yet we all have a common bond and that is Jesus.

The Vision of She Inc. is:

For women who are uniquely positioned for influence and leadership. Our goal is to connect business women at monthly lunch events to inspire and encourage their vision and purpose in the workplace.

To support one another personally, develop our leadership potential professionally, and learn to implement biblical wisdom in the workplace spiritually.

The lineup is going to be amazing for these luncheons such as Alli Worthington, Tami Heim, Sami Cone and more!  These women that will be speaking will leave you feeling encouraged and motivated to be all that God has called you to be.

The excitement is contagious!

I asked my friend Jenni Catron to write and give us some bullet points of 5 Ways to Equip Christian Women for Leadership.  She is a talented speaker and writer.  Follow her blog at Leading in Shades of Gray.

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5 Ways to Equip Christian Women for Leadership by Jenni Catron

  1. Encourage them. We all need a pat on the back and a few kind words to keep us going.
  2. Coach them. Give specific and direct feedback. Too often we mistake feedback as a negative thing. Constructive criticism delivered with kindness is gold!
  3. Affirm them. Insecurity can rock the best of us. When you see a leader operating in their giftedness, don’t assume she knows it. Tell her.
  4. Listen to them. Listen for their fears, concerns hopes and dreams.
  5. Pray for them. It is an incredible gift to know that someone cares about you enough to pray for you!