Ramblings of Life

Hey friends, sorry the blogging has been a little inconsistent lately.  But so many things have happened that in the next five days I want to share them with you as I get back in the swing of things. Will you indulge me and leave a comment before you leave. :-)


Director of Marketing

This May will mark my one year anniversary as the Director of Marketing for a golf course called Foxland Harbor.  I’ve been shying away from writing this publicly because I was never really sure if this is where I was going to be.  Was it going to be a short venture? A long venture or just a need to pay some bills?  I wrestled with going back to work at first.  I was a stay-at-home mom for 13 years and had no idea what it was going to look like once I’ve been back at work.  All of our kids are in school, yet I felt as though who I was was changing.

But like so many of us know…what we want is not always what God wants.  We want the comfortable; He wants the stretching.  We want the routine; He wants our trust.  When the reality of “God is for me and not against me” came is when I began to see what God was trying to show me.  That in this moment I needed to trust Him.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing job.  That truly for being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years I would have never imagined to be in the position I am in.  Thanking God that He gave me the wisdom to stay current in the marketplace just in case I needed to go back to work. (I feel a blog post coming up soon about how and what was done to accomplish this) and be compensated more than what I could have imagined.

Things that I have sacrificed to do what I do:

  • "Free" time (Hobbies? What are those?)
  • Having an especially clean or well-decorated home.
  • A lot of social outings and opportunities (morning bible studies, lunches with friends, etc.)
  • Internet browsing or social media (I don’t do as much Facebook or Twitter because I am constantly going throughout the day and I hardly am having the time to read the blogs that I love reading for my own indulgence)

Things I have sacrificed at times, but have learned the hard way that I shouldn't:

  • Quiet times with the Lord. When we think we don't have enough time, that's when we need to make time.
  • Exercise. I can't tell you how much better and more energetic this makes me feel.
  • Sleep.
  • Time with my kids. We have them for such a short time at home and the realization of this is moving closer and closer
  • Time with my husband (another one that is never worth sacrificing!)