@stickyJesus Chapter 5

I love God’s sense of humor. Chapter 5 of @stickyJesus is about content.  And if you read my post from yesterday, you know I’m struggling with this right now.

Great content makes a Web site, message, or idea sticky. - @stickyJesus p. 63

The best content is when Jesus uses your fingers to deliver a message that is sticky.

Content is king…but Jesus is the Master of it.

The last few days I have seen His hand in Social Media. On Tuesday, a friend of mine, that I used to know in MOPS when I was back in Colorado, had a sudden heart attack.  Her 9 year old daughter, Joanne is 38, found her in the basement shaking violently. Read more here.  In that instant prayer requests began to hit Twitter.  A hash tag was formed - #prayforjoanne.  I have been so heavy hearted the last few days wondering what the outcome will be.  Praying that God’s hand be in it all. She had surgery yesterday, Wednesday, to relieve the pressure on her brain from swelling overnight.  As of this moment, we are still waiting for an update.

Where did I get this information?  This blog and Twitter.  Joanne’s husband, Toben, has been updating her progress this whole time.  It amazes me how strong he is to write a message to Joanne’s readers during something that is so painful.  Something tells me Toben knows the power of blogging and Twitter.

Blogging and Twitter reaches the world!  It takes a prayer from one to send hands reached out in prayers from many.

This is why I love living sticky!  It’s as though I see a Light over the hospital room and beams of glowing streams flowing from every direction over it.

This is what living sticky is.

Be a part of the Message.


1. Have you ever been in a situation that you used Social Media to encourage someone when they are hurting? Tell us.

2.  Do you ever struggle with the content you write?