My Struggle With Blogging

Some days I struggle with this blog.  Not really sure what to write about. Sometimes I feel as though my words have no purpose or meaning to put in writing. You know its God though when all you can do is trust Him to put the words together.

I have no problem speaking in front of audiences.  The more the merrier.  I love speaking words of encouragement and inspiration.  Seeing a woman fall in love with God all over again is such a joy to be a part of.

It’s that instant result.

That tangible moment of seeing a life being touched by God’s grace and glorious presence.

I want that in my blogging.

I wrote my first blog post in May of 2009. Since that time I can honestly say I had no plan of what I was going to write.

Look at that last sentence…I is said three times.  This is what I struggle with.  I don’t want my writing to be what I want.  I want it to be what He wants.

I lack passion for writing.

I have so much passion in speaking to the masses.  Praying with women whose hearts have been broken; dealing with guilt as a mother or wife.

I love teaching.  Teaching mother’s about being a paint brush or how as women we can fall in love with Jesus.  There is a love for this that no words can explain.

But to write…I can’t.

So I find myself being stretched.  Sometimes God takes us to these uncomfortable places.  Places of unfamiliarity.  Places where this Type-A personality doesn’t like going without knowing why.

So I trust.  Trust in Him.

Some days I wish I never started this blog. And some days I can’t wait to see who Comments next.

The problem with blogging for this girl…is that I don’t have control.  I don’t have control of who reads it.  I don’t have control of Google Analytics. I don’t have control of any of it.

God does.

So I relinquish it to Him.  I give Him all of it. Blogging, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter…all of it.

I realize it doesn’t matter how many Friends or Followers you have or how many blog posts you put out in a given week.

What matters most is…what God thinks.

Did I do today what He created me to do for this day?

Do you struggle with blogging? How so?