Aprons, Cooking, Christmas Lights and a Loss

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! These are some of the things we did over the last four days.

I brought my girls into the kitchen this Thanksgiving, Hannah (9) and Gabby (10)


The night before we wore our matching aprons (sorry lookin' a little rough that mornin'! HEHE!)

and made some of these

Thanksgiving Rolls

They were so good!

It took these hands to make them.


and these...



family traditions


I love this picture of Hannah!


The next morning was Thanksgiving and we trimmed some thyme


and made a little stuffing


and peeled some potatoes


We had a great time making a Thanksgiving dinner for the family! Memories that will last a lifetime!

On Saturday, we drove to Sweetwater, TN for the Christmas Festival - Small town USA.


The streets were lined with carolers.


Yep, this was a forced picture...can you say TIRED!


But we did get to see this on the way home.


Sadly that night I received news that my Great Grandma Lola passed away that evening.  She was 100 years old and the patriarch of the family.  I'll be flying to California for probably the last Montalvo family gathering.


This picture was taken in 2001.  I told you I had 4 kids in two and half years (don't judge the hair!)!  My Great-Grandma looks all calm...she had 6 kids of her own.