This Journey That We Are On

Since giving my blog a new look I gained some new readers. Which I am so excited about (happy dance)! Then I realized I never have really told my story; my experience with motherhood. Yes, I have an About page that talks a little about me and my ministry. But, I feel it doesn’t show you the true me. The page that talks about what it was like to find out about having four kids in two and half years. Or how I felt like a failure as a mom. I went through some ups and downs in my mothering but if it wasn’t through the grace of God I wouldn’t be who I am today! In the next few days, weeks, months and even years I want to partner with you our experiences of motherhood. Talk about triumphs and failures, good days and bad days. As we discover what we were meant for, I pray that the journey brings revelation to you as a woman, a wife and a mother.

Let’s begin:

It was November 2000, we were moving in our new home. The home had more square footage for our new growing family. Our oldest was getting ready to turn 2 in December and our boy/girl twins just turned 4 months. We moved into a home that had 4 bedrooms. That meant they each had their own rooms when they got older. I remember Jose and I felt as though we have arrived. We were content as one big happy family. But inside I was holding something in. Keeping something from Jose. I was “late”.

To be continued…