A Holiday Event That Inspired Me

This past Friday our church hosted a Holiday event with senior women and the women’s ministry.  The idea was to bring the older women together with the younger and discuss Thanksgiving.  There were selected mom’s and daughter’s who went up on stage and showed there recipes and then they raffled that food item to the attendees.  But one thing I thoroughly enjoyed was how the daughters talked about the memories their mom’s created for them during this time of year.  There was such a special bond that was so unique to each of them.  One idea that was spoken, that I want to implement this year, was bringing my girls in the kitchen. Although they are 9 and 10 years old, I want to have them help me prepare our Thanksgiving meal.  Include them in the shopping, cutting and baking.  Yes, I might be asking for trouble but I am looking forward to the memories we will be creating! So I am beginning my search for aprons.  I want to buy aprons for each of them with their names embroidered on them and present it to each of them Thanksgiving morning. I want to create this memory for my girls so that one day those two and myself will be up on that stage inspiring a mom to do the same as these mom’s inspired me.

What’s your favorite memory of Thanksgiving?