I Wish There Was a Copy and Paste for Aunt Ruthie

I want to be Aunt Ruthie!!  Every time I read her blog, Sugar Pie Farmhouse, I feel…the only way I can describe it…warm and fuzzy!  She makes you wish there was a copy and paste button for everything she does as a homemaker.  She loves her husband, her kids and her Jesus so much with everything she writes.  The pictures she takes of her decorated home are phenomenal!  And with Christmas coming up, she’s bound to have a post (or more) pretty soon of what she’s done with her home for Christmas, what travel adventure she has gone on with her family or what kind of apron she has on (and most of the time, where you can buy it!) when she’s cooking those holiday recipes.

So join me in reading her blog and even putting her to your Favorites list.  You will not be disappointed!