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What Happens When We Ask

Oh, how I love the Lord! He is so good. How can some just walk away during struggles of life and not look up and see all that God has for them. Maybe not when we ask for it or want it, but His timing is always better.

Another verse I was reminded of today:

"If you will call those things which be not as though they were, you will have those things that you call for" (Romans 4:17)

askBegin to call on Him. Cry out to Him where you are. God knows the desires you have, the needs you have. But this scripture reminds me to put your faith in your prayers. Asking and believing are two different things. You can ask all day long, but without faith they become just that...things. Now I'm not saying to go buy a car and write a check believing that the money will be there. That's not the kind of faith I'm talking about. I'm talking about a faith that looks at something that is so unreachable, yet only with God can it be reached. Call those things that aren't, as though they are.

So today I call out to God our storm, our business. Asking Him for guidance, wisdom and favor. I know He will do it. It may not be on my time or our time but it will be on the RIGHT time.