Sun Stand Still - Faith Inspiring Wisdom

sun stand stillSun Stand Still won't raise the flag of personal timidity, it will instead challenge you to press deeper into chasing God.

We've all encountered disappointments along the journey of life. I personally resonated with Steven's thoughts:

"Sometimes the sun doesn't stand still. Sometimes the sun goes down... You'll have to absorb and manage some pain you didn't create, invite, or deserve."

Curve-Ball Destiny

Everybody faces a curve-ball in destiny. We're sinners in constant need of God's grace - that's church. And when the church gathers - sinners pressed close together - sin will inevitable crop up and disappoint.

A few years ago my husband and I were abruptly cut off from two of our closest friends in ministry and life. It was truly a 2 Timothy 1:15 moment. Left dazed and confused, we still continue to pray for a grace explosion in their hearts that will move them toward reconciliation.

In the meantime, Steven's words uniquely ministered to my memories of that moment:

"The glory of God often shines the brightest when the sun goes down... and we keep our eyes on Jesus anyway... Instead of taking away our adversity, God develops our faith and demonstrates His strength by working through our adversity."

Sun Stand Still is a must read.