Dear Cam Newton

Dear Cam, I wish you never walked off that stage.  I wished you would have shown strength and endurance, letting kids know not only how to win with class, but to lose with grace.

I’ve been there, definitely not at that level, but I’ve lost some big championships in my softball career.  I understand the sting that happens afterwards that doesn’t seem to go away. When all you can think about is, what if I did this instead or what would’ve happened if we did it this way.  It’s a roller coaster of emotions.  Yet, when they put that giant C on your uniform, you become a leader. You become someone that everyone, on and off the field, looks up to.

So, can you do me, other mom’s, and coaches a favor, take this time off and find a way to come back better and stronger than before. Learn from this experience.  Because, God has big plans for you.

This mom of two boys who play high school football watched you closely.  The week before the game, every night, NFL network was on our TV.  Those boys hung on every word, listened to everything you  had to say.  They saw the pride, the gloating, the dabbing, and never once saw humility and grace.

The coach in me wanted to tell you as you walked off that stage, “Get your butt back in the chair and be the leader that you need to be!” giving you the meanest look along with a pointed finger back at the chair.  Your winning performance has spoken for itself, so there is no need to gloat or rub it in.  That is why we shake hands and tell each other good game, because inevitably someday you will be in their shoes.

This family of six gives you grace.  We want you to become the leader God wants you to be.  Let Him show you what that looks like.  Set race, money, and, even, football aside and let Him show you how to truly lead (with love).  Let Him show you how to use your platform that He has blessed you with. I know you’ve lost games before and, sure, losing the Super Bowl is a tough one to lose, but dang it be the better person than what you gave us Sunday in that interview.

I don’t know if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, but He’s pretty cool. He helps you rise above the circumstances and gives you incredible freedom from ourselves. Because, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy.

So, I’m going to return to being a mom to my four teenagers and as a coach to 13 middle school girls that play softball.  My hope is that when my family returns to watching football next season, we not see Cam Newton with the C on his uniform becoming a leader, but Cam Newton THE leader.

Praying for you as you enjoy this time off.