I Still Believe

Fifteen ladies gathered in a room last Tuesday to begin a study called Restless by Jennie Allen. Some of them completely unaware of the journey they are about to embark on. We started with a brief introduction of ourselves telling each other their name and how long they have been at Cornerstone Church - one of them beginning their third week as a visitor.

The room is filled with all ages from 18 to 52.

It seems as though a common bond is present – where do I take my life as it is and move forward into God’s purpose in my life?

Some of them stuck in their past.

Some of them not feeling worthy enough to pursue dreams.

Some have forgotten how to dream.

via Creative Commons
via Creative Commons

In the moments of sharing, it seems as a blanket of criticism covers them. It’s as though silent struggles were in that room crying out inside for a sense of hope, a sense of peace.

I love what the Bible says in Isaiah 10:27:

In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck; the yoke will be broken because you have grown so fat. (NIV)

I still believe in something we don’t talk about in the Christian circuit anymore…

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This is what gets me excited the most - these ladies, these fifteen women that have come and made a commitment to want a change in their lives, that want to grow – they will begin to see the yoke of their struggles broken. Why? Because of the last part of that verse…because you have grown so fat!

Oh, I can’t wait until they get so fat, so sassy, in whom they are in Christ. How they will begin to see themselves how God sees them.

Sorry…I get excited when I know God is up to something!

Last week, I posed the question –

[Tweet "What is one thing Christians struggle with the most?"]

There was an incredible response with so many diverse answers. I’m hoping to touch on each one of them because I think it is something we all need to be talking about. Do you struggle with hope? Knowing Him? Needing Him? Trusting Him? Let’s talk about them.

If you struggle as a Christian in a certain area, I would love to hear about it.Let’s point each other to the One that can remove every burden and destroy every yoke as we learn from each others journey.

Friends continue to pray for these women that each of them would have a God-encounter that will set their feet on the path God has laid out for them. And pray for me that I simply be only a conduit of the Lord making way for Him.