From Runaways to High School

There is a love/hate relationship that this California girl has with Tennessee this time of year. It seems to have split personality when it comes to spring and summer. Where there never are enough 70 degree days before that god-awful humidity sets in. Can I make you a deal summer?

Can you go a little slower this time?

There are these twins that came into our world and rocked it. Now it seems they only have four more years in those two full size beds upstairs.

It seems like yesterday when they told us, “you not only have one, but two babies”. Oh, the look on your daddy’s eyes. I’m still not sure if it was a look of joy or a look of dollar signs; how one turned into three suddenly.

I wish time stood still. In a world-wind, we had your sister one year later.

Four little ones in two and half years.

family photo
As your momma, I wanted to savor each moment. Spend quality time with each one and listen intently to your coos and watch every dance you four danced to the Wiggles. At least that is what every book I read said I needed to do.

It seemed like yesterday, you two were running away from home at three years old. You, young lady, convincing your brother to run away. Having the neighbor see both of you in your diapers asking you where you are going. “We’re going to Grandma’s house”, you said. ”Ok, where is Grandma’s house?” and your sweet answer, “Colorado”. I’ll never forget the look on the neighbors face when she brought you guys back to me as I’m on the phone with your dad in the backyard that had no fence, screaming at him, “I lost the twins!”

Don’t forget that neighbor lived two and half blocks away.

All of this has happened so fast.

It seemed like yesterday you two were dancing, playing, acting silly, laughing like only a sweet two year old could and now here we are finishing up your last weeks of middle school.

fourth of july
High School.

These next four years are going to be filled with so many memories.

New and long-lasting friendships.

Drivers Permits.


Friday Night Football.

Meeting your friends at In-n-Out after the game.

Boy crushes.

Girl crushes.

Riding in your Jeep with the top down and heading to the beach with your friends.


and Prom.

There will be times sweet girl where you hang out at the pool with your friends. Tropicana Oil SPF 4 on your skin and Sun-In in your hair just talking about who likes who and have “can you believe it” moments. Wait that was me.

For you sweet boy, as you play football and have all those girls wishing you would catch them and not the football sometimes, just let them know that they have to get permission from your momma.

middle school
These next four years will have its ups and downs.

Each of them a memory for the taking in your own photo album.

Memories that will last a lifetime.

Memories that will be wonderful and special.

Memories that will make time stand still.

That’s what mine does for me.

So, Summer, let’s make a deal?

Can you go a little slower this time and I’ll make you all the strawberry pies you want?

strawberry pie